2014: Looking Back

Unusual and intense climatic, environmental and geological events have hallmarked the year 2014. We’ve seen two of the tetrad blood moons and two solar eclipses. Earth’s magnetic field is weakening at an abnormally rapid speed, perhaps preparing us for a magnetic field flip.

I believe this is a continuation of the earth’s vibrational ascension process as initiated in 2012… but let’s talk Tarot.


I recently watched this helpful video by Kelly-Ann at Four Queens.

My personal version of a Tarot mandala looks like a wheel with eight spokes. I’d like to share a personal reading on myself, to be totally candid with you about where I’m at.

tarot mandala spread 11.18.14

feat. The Witches’ Tarot by Ellen Dugan, artwork by Mark Evans

The vertical axis represents the solstices, and the horizontal axis represents the equinoxes. The diagonal axes are the points in the middle, or “cross-quarter” days, altogether representing the Neopagan Wheel of the Year. The center represents the major focus and major challenge of the year.

The horizontal axis from right (Spring Equinox) to left (Fall Equinox): 5 of Cups, IV The Emperor, King of Swords (crossing), Six of Pentacles, Six of Cups.

The vertical axis, from bottom (Summer Solstice) to top (Winter Solstice): 3 of Pentacles, 9 of Pentacles, 4 of Cups (center), 8 of Pentacles, 10 of Pentacles.

The diagonal axis to the right of center, from top (Imbolg- Feb 2) to bottom (Lughnasadh-Sep 1): 10 of Cups, III The Empress, (4 of Cups,) Ace of Wands, Page of Pentacles.

The diagonal axis to the left of center, from bottom (Beltane-May 1) to top (Samhain-Oct 31): 9 of Wands, IX The Hermit, (King of Swords,) XI Justice, VIII Strength.

Next time, I may add a card in the center for each of the cross quarter axes. I am disregarding reversals in this layout because it is a wheel (there is no up).

Not only does this layout allow me to read chronologically, but elementally, with each of the compass points representing (from top, clockwise) Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, or respectively, body, thoughts, actions, feelings. You may have your own medicine wheel association and can focus on that. You may have different associations for turning points, but I find the Wheel of the Year to be the easiest to use given my own Neopagan background.

Rather than going over meanings of each card, individually, I will create a narrative of the events that I have experienced this past year, starting with February 1.

I became pregnant around New Year’s Eve and confirmed my pregnancy shortly after Imbolg. This was a joyous occasion for me (10 of Cups) as I love being a mom (III The Empress). I felt surrounded by loving support in this new development. At the spring equinox, I found myself struggling (5 of Cups) with my relationship with male authority and father-figures in my life (IV Emperor). By the beginning of May, I had recovered my strength from my first trimester experience of almost consistent nausea and returned to taking yoga classes and volunteering at a local organic market as well as drumming for a college African dance class (9 of Wands). I was able to shine even in my solitude, regaining confidence in my role as a single mom (IX Hermit). Through this time, I focused on maintaining my healthy habits and activity, even hiking with my daughter. I remained secure in my solitary existence.

Summer solstice marked the beginning of my third trimester (3 of Pentacles), and people began to ask me if I was sure I had just one baby growing in my womb. I participated in a nutrition study hosted by Utah State University which provided extra money to spend at the Cache Valley Gardeners’ Market (9 of Pentacles).

On September 1st, I manifested some specific furniture that I would need to accommodate a newborn in my tiny apartment, which was the first of more to come (Ace of Wands, Page of Pentacles). I remained active (Ace of Wands), even riding a bicycle, and seriously focusing on my health (Page of Pentacles), and kept my ankles from swelling with a nutritional tea of calcium-rich herbs.

My second daughter, LBR, was born early on the morning of the Fall Equinox after about 6 hours of labor (the 6 of Pentacles and 6 of Cups in this deck both depict two children). My doula was amazing, providing me with support worthy of a birthing partner. Again I felt totally secure in my choice to have the baby, confident in divine providence (6 of Pentacles) to support my choice to keep this wonderful gift of life, via support from my community and my friends (6 of Cups). My mother visited shortly after, and together we were able to reconcile differences and grow closer than I have felt to her since my childhood (6 of Cups).

Shortly thereafter, the divorce with my elder daughter’s father was finalized, ending two years of stress and furthering the healing process for our daughter and ourselves (XI Justice). By Samhain, LBR had been blessed and welcomed into our spiritual community, and for trick-or-treating, I went as a Goddess-Worshipping, Baby-Wearing Warrior Woman (VIII Strength) because that is the energy with which I felt most strongly in tune (and because it came naturally).

Now, as I enjoy the middle of this final turn of the solar year, heading into the Yuletide season, I have dedicated myself to writing a book about Shadow work (8 of Pentacles) that reflects on certain experiences in my life that have led me to further self awareness and a satisfying amount of self love and self appreciation (10 of Pentacles). I’ve also signed up for life coaching services with a newly certified local lady who’s conducting a gratia project to break into her new career field.

The central theme of the year, the 4 of Cups, touches on my level of uncertainty and dissatisfaction in my life. Currently I am relying on support from outside sources rather than income that I generate, and I strongly desire to generate enough income to support myself on my own. The King of Swords, though, tells me I have come far in creating a calm state of mind, and it is by being my own administrator that I can create my own success.

I invite you to share any experiments you conduct with this layout in the comments below! Please show your support for Kelly-Ann at Four Queens by subscribing to her channel, if you like her video, and if you are ready for me to help you in your journey of Self Examination and Self Mastery, you can check out this link to schedule your reading.


Attuning to Abundance

Attuning to Abundance

“Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.”


Attunement is a term used in child and family psychology to describe the ability of a parent to sense and respond to their child’s emotional and physical needs, which ensures the child’s happiness and wellbeing, as well as strengthening the bond between the parent and child. Attuning to abundance, then, could be described as sensing and responding to our own physical and emotional needs in a way that ensures our ability to feel prosperous.

In the process of attunement with anything, listening is key. We can all be better listeners by quieting our thoughts and remaining receptive to cues in our emotional reaction to situations. A chaotic mind fraught with money worries is not open to receiving Divine guidance, and in that state of mind we become our own worst enemy.

I will be honest here: I am writing this article to help myself as much as to help you, my dear readers. I still have my work cut out for me when it comes to manifesting abundance and wealth. After ten years of living as an adult, money management is still a slippery animal for me to grasp. I could use more realism as to when it is and is not preferable to spend money. I could use more openness and generosity in my life, and less fear that I’ll run out of money tomorrow.

This article provides a chance for me to talk about working with the Tarot to draw more abundance into our lives. The suit of Pentacles relates to money, career, our dwelling place, and our body. Depending on the card, they speak of the ability or obstacles in the ways we handle our money, our work, and our health.

Creating a spread aimed at exploring issues related to abundance helps us to know what we need to let go of, and what we can do to strengthen our connection to prosperity. You could use such a spread as the one outlined here:

  1. Center card: The present financial situation of the querent.
  2. Crossing the center card: The present challenge for growth facing the querent.
  3. Card to the right: The querent’s conscious attitude toward money.
  4. Card to the left: The querent’s subconscious attitude toward money.
  5. Card below: Attitudes about money that the querent has inherited.
  6. Card above: The highest possible manifestation with no change to current attitudes and situation.
  7. Apart from the rest of the cards: Significator, Divine Guidance

(The seventh card should be Major Arcana: you can draw this card by selecting the next five cards in your deck and stopping at the first Major Arcana card you see. If no Major Arcana appear, that means that you already know what archetype to work with, or the advice is something very easy/simple.) I hope to add a diagram later. Meanwhile, if this outline is unclear to you, feel free to comment with your questions.

Meditation helps to invoke Divine energy into our consciousness to help us change our attitudes, if we perform the reading and find that the sixth card of this spread is an undesirable outcome. Cards for abundance and prosperity work include (but are not limited to):

Major Arcana: I Magician, III Empress, IV Emperor, VII Chariot, VIII Strength, X Wheel of Fortune, XI Justice (if you’re waiting on money due from a legal settlement), XIV Temperance (Alchemy, personal transformation) XVII Star, XIX Sun, XXI World.

Swords: Ace of Swords (new ideas, raw thought forms), 7 of Swords (diplomacy, flexibility, resourcefulness); Knight of Swords (rapid Change).

Wands: Ace of Wands (new inspiration, raw willpower), 3 of Wands (getting investors interested in your work, attracting clients); 6 of Wands (success); 8 of Wands (speeding up communication, checks are in the mail); 10 of Wands (use reversed if you need help delegating or prioritizing your activities, or you’re working to make things easier for you: reversed, the 10 of Wands is a card of laying down burdens); Queen of Wands (female active energy).

Cups: 3 of Cups (peace with coworkers), 6 of Cups (sweetening sentiments of friends), 9 of Cups (wish card), 10 of Cups (emotional and spiritual fulfillment); Queen of Cups (feminine healing energy, can help release difficult emotions around money).

Pentacles: Ace of Pentacles (seed money, raw materials); 6 of Pentacles (bounty); 9 of Pentacles (independence, discipline); 10 of Pentacles (legacy and tradition); Knight of Pentacles (stability, consistency); Queen of Pentacles (female manifestation energy, generosity); King of Pentacles (male generative and managing energy, resources).

This list may vary depending on what deck you’re working with. Feel free to compile your own personal list. For beginners, I suggest working with one to three cards that represent your aim. Keep the cards in a place you will see them on a daily basis to remind yourself of your intent. If you have one deck alone, and wish to use your cards for readings during this process, write an affirmation that is inspired by the cards you choose.

Sample Tarot Meditation Exercise:

You wish to manifest some long term money to build up your savings account. You might decide to work with the Empress, archetype of Divine growth, nurturing, and abundance; the Knight of Pentacles, for preparedness and patience; and the 7 of Pentacles, to remind you be prudent with your money and to let it grow. Meditating on these cards, you write an affirmation that represents your aim to build up your savings, such as “I plant the seeds, I watch them grow. I give my future self the gift of abundance, with which to meet my needs. I take care of my older self by storing money that I make today. Together with Divine Love, I bring this prosperity into the world. So it is.” You set a length of time, in which you will say your affirmation every day, and record in a journal at least once a week any changes in your experience of abundance.

If you have direct questions about what opportunities are coming your way, when you will find employment or a better job, or whether a business venture will be profitable, don’t hesitate to schedule a reading with me today.

Brightest Divine blessings,


Tarot Reader Extraordinaire

Healing through the Emotional Freedom Technique

>I have been struggling with how much information I can share with my readers while ethically protecting others’ privacy, but the truth has to come out somewhere, somehow.  This particular website is indicative of a particular relationship, so I will say this web site could apply to any relationship, but was particularly relevant to my own healing.  My discovery of this web site coincides with revelations about my own behavior that I wish to enact changes with.  Add to this the fact that the woman who runs this site shares her name with a patron goddess of mine (Danu, a mother goddess, at that, though it’s not clear what faith she holds), I’d say I’m working with some serious synchronicity.

You might ask, how does this tie in with my tarot practice? Well, in further understanding our relationships and the reasons behind our behavior in encounters with certain behaviors from another, we empower ourselves to make choices towards our highest and best, and open up opportunities to reveal better choices for the person whose behavior is triggering our own previously unconscious patterns.

My job is to recognize this synchronicity not only in my life, but help others examine the patterns in their own lives.  I help people interpret signs in their own lives, as I study my own.  In a way, we are all deciphering our inner cryptographic language.

Tapping is a method of gaining freedom of distressing, persistent and potentially harmful emotions.  It is not denial of the emotions or their power, rather, it is an acceptance of the power and the emotions’ lessons for us.  I believe that tapping enables our bodies to physiologically process the emotions we seek to free ourselves of.  In any case, I’m trying it, and I feel more at peace and am engaging more productively in my life already.