Occasional Card of the Day: Page of Wands, Reversed.

Incidentally, Luna began her transit through Sagittarius, today, and dwells in her 20th mansion (about which astrology weekly says: “it helps for the taming of wild beasts, for the strengthening of prisons, it destroys the wealth of societies, it compels a man to come to a certain place”). The phrase “it compels a man to a certain place” especially caught my eye. The Page of Wands, reversed, personifies the shadow side of Sagittarius: blind optimism, tactlessness, restlessness, and frivolity. In an abstract sense, he brings bad news, delivers good news with poor timing, and generally has to eat his words.

When the Page of Wands appears reversed in a spread, we have a hard time owning our full potential. We put off the work we know we need to do, making excuses along the lines of being too busy fulfilling other obligations. We step on other people’s toes, or disregard their feelings entirely in taking an impulsive action.

Today, I overheard a conversation that pretty much sums up the shadow side of Sagittarius, and the characteristics personified by the Page of Wands reversed. A man who runs a catering business was meeting with prospective clients about servicing their wedding, at a local coffee shop I happen to frequent. He began to complain about the business practices of the owner of that coffee shop. He claimed that she sells coffee that is locally roasted, but for a higher cost than what is available at the cafe owned by the roasting company itself. He ended this claim with the question, “Who does that? Why would people come over here to pay more for the same thing that’s over there? I don’t get it.” The truth is, she serves the coffee for fifty cents less per mug fill than what the cafe sells it for. All the other beverage prices are comparable.  So, not only did he give false information, he was potentially affecting the decision of his prospective clients as to whether or not they would visit this coffee shop in the future. It sounded to me as though he was actively discouraging their patronage of the coffee shop. He has an arrangement with the owner of the coffee shop that allows him to have these meetings with clients, sharing a business space with her. So, who openly speaks ill of a person with whom they have an ongoing professional relationship? Who does that?

The Page of Wands in shadow, that’s who.

It also seems like the Page of Wands reversed works to expose unethical actions, like the little kid who finally says out loud: “The Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes!” I am reminded of how, today, congressman Lamar Smith, (an author of the SOPA bill), was discovered to have used a photograph on his own web site without crediting the photographer, thus violating the very law he wrote and proposed to congress (see the story at addictinginfo.org).

Have you noticed the Page of Wands reversed at work, today?


Occasional Card of the Day: The Magician (Reversed)

Looking back over past “Card of the Day” posts, reversals seem to come up more often than not. Today is no exception, with the Magician (Magus in some decks) reversed.

This gives me a chance to talk about the reversals themselves, for a moment (no doubt an idea for a full article later to come). There are several ways of interpreting reversals. Three points I would like to make clear at this time that I consider in my readings:

1) If reversals dominate a reading, then a lot of the processes and energies the cards describe are happening within the Seeker’s psyche. Outward change and results happen secondary to inner change and results on the Seeker’s part at this time.

2) I look at the context of the cards. If the reversals all come from the same suit of cards (Swords, Cups, etc.), I know that the Seeker is particularly struggling with the energy of that suit in everyday life. If several court cards appear reversed, then I know the Seeker has difficulties interacting with certain other people, or that other people are struggling with the Seeker. I also look at the cards appearing around a reversal. Reversed cards can mirror an upright card, or refer back to something in the Seeker’s past that is yet unresolved.

3) Reversals are not inherently “bad.” Reversals can sometimes negate or cancel out the card’s upright meaning, and sometimes can indicate negative energy in action, but this is not information to be afraid of (besides, “negative” isn’t equitable to “bad,” it’s simply an energetic charge, but that’s a topic for another article). In The Complete Book of Tarot ReversalsMary K. Greer explores the concept of reversals being like a prescription: they indicate the remedy needed for our current situation (“Rx,” an old abbreviation for “reversal,” even resembling a doctor’s script).

Now that we have that settled, I’ll move on to the Magician in his Reversed aspect.

The Magician Reversed: "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"

The Magician Reversed has always felt to me like he’s been caught with his pants down. Someone has discovered that his magical routine is just a series of sleight-of-hand tricks – or is he just afraid of that being the case? With its planetary correspondence with Mercury, the Magician Reversed is the Tarot equivalent of a Mercury retrograde: plans are vulnerable and subject to change, perceptions can be faulty, and the Seeker tends to be caught up in cerebral processes rather than taking any action in the physical realm.

If the Magician upright is Self Awareness, then the Magician Reversed is Self-consciousness. If we are not communicating in ways that we intend, or we are fearful of being discovered as a “fraud,” new confidence in ourselves and our work is needed. Here, the reversed nature of the image comes to our aid: the infinity symbol over the Magus’ head becomes his foundation. It is by remembering that we are truly beings of Light, eternal and infinite in nature, and nothing is beyond our grasp if we strive for it with Love in our hearts. Those lofty words are easy to hear when we feel good and secure about ourselves, but when we let fear take over, we shut off the reality of that message. We forget our divine nature and allow ourselves to feel overpowered by the processes of Nature.

The solution to any problem is always acceptance of the present moment. In the special context of the Magician reversed, it becomes crucial to ask yourself, “What needs am I feeling that are not being met?” and “In what ways am I resisting the present moment?” Draw your attention to any plans that consume your time, any desires that cause you to think, “If I can only get this thing, accomplish this task, [own this home, get this job], then I will be truly happy.” That is what the Buddhists would call “wrong” thinking, because you can’t place happiness in the future and ever attain it. Happiness only happens in the present tense.

As ever, Brightest Blessings