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Your donations go to support the Interfaith ministry I operate: Heart of Wisdom, An Unincorporated Church. The mission of this ministry is to nurture & heal members of community wherever I can, whenever I can (as a daughter of John Wesley’s church, after all). I do this through sharing food, prayer, counselling, pastoral care, and spiritual support. Sometimes I officiate but I focus more on training others to conduct their own holy rites. I balance ministerial work with the personal care that I need to balance my drive to work with my need to manage the symptoms I experience of chemical toxicity.

I seek to promote empowerment & direct connection with God. I believe Christ inspired us to become more Christ-like. Christ says “Love God” and tells people to follow the Way he’s walking. To me, that sounds a lot like the Tao. The way is unspeakable, formless, and yet straight and narrow. As I grew and matured, I studied folk traditions and ancient deities, comprehending them as facets of the Divine rather than competition and incorporating work with them into my own spiritual path. It’s always felt like the right thing to do. One clue came from Genesis. The Elohim is a plurality. They say, “…in our image.” Sometimes, your dad isn’t the right one to help you, it’s your aunt or uncle, great grandmother, or another relation. We have many, and we’re all connected.

Tarot is the tool I use to clarify messages from all our relations, and the way I fund and operate the ministry. I turn away no one in need, and the ministry in turn helps feed me so I can keep serving the community. I also offer herbal healing consultations, health counselling, and hands-on healing. Tarot has proven to be a powerful pictographic tool for deciphering divine messages and helping others when they think they might know, but feel confused (or when they straight up have no idea). I encourage the querent to seek in their heart about the reading, and to use discernment.

I operate a food pantry specializing in fermented and sprouted foods, to the maximum of my capacity at any time. I seek to grow the project, the Living Food Pantry, because I see that sprouted and fermented foods carry more life force than dried, packaged, or cooked and canned food. I’m not saying cooking is bad, I have simply observed that cooking is best performed in the home, but when used for storage, minimizes the potential life force of the food. I’ve also observed that most foods provided through charities has been frozen, dried or canned in such a way, which suppresses beneficial enzymes. Of course, if a bean or grain is dry, it can always sprout. I’d say most of my work at this time focuses around education. Soon it will focus on sharing more food and teaching, since I’m shifting to live off grid on a 20 acre lot where good things can grow.

We’re meant to eat fresh from the garden.

We’re meant to enjoy access to divine messages without an intercessor. I’m here not to function as an intercessor, but as the operator that gets you on the line.

I want to help you realize the Creator’s wish for you to be happy and healthy and know that you are loved, and answer some questions along the way to slather some sauce on that bread.

Suggested donations:

$20- Telegraph: 1 question, up to 5-card reading. About 15 minutes.

$39- Letter: 1 question, up to 10-card reading. About 40 minutes.

$60- Essay: up to 3 questions, up to 20-card reading, up to 60 minutes.

Email or call 435 232 1524 to set up your appointment.


Click the button below to send your donation.

Thank you for supporting this ministerial effort.



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