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I offer personal insight and guidance for you to make the most empowered possible choice in any difficult situation.

I make accurate predictions through intuitive analysis and spontaneous inspiration, about upcoming changes and opportunities.

My readings are empowering while being realistic. Life is a combination of desirable and undesirable. I encourage my supporters to seek out the positive within the painful, to learn the lessons, to choose something better for next time.

My schedule is currently M-F from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. PST and in the evenings after 7 p.m. PST, and any time on the weekends. For email readings, please allow 72 hours for your request to be fulfilled.

I operate on a sliding scale! So whatever you can contribute will work for both of us. Alternately we could consider a trade for something in kind (you write poems, I’d love to receive one in the mail!)

I’ve set the suggested donations to reflect my professional experience. For one question, a 10 card email, 30 min video chat reading, or 30 minute phone call is valued at $44. For TWO questions, a 20 card email reading, 50 minute video chat reading or phone call is valued at $77.

For payment, I am accepting orders from Amazon to be shipped to an address I would give you, rather than paypal


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