Sample Reading: Cyrus

Dear Readers,

I feel pleased to show a sample reading I wrote yesterday for someone I’ll call Cyrus.

I offer readings over the phone or via email. This is similar to what you can expect from the 2-Question offering.

Get ready to dive deep; here we go…


I take great pleasure in giving you this reading. You’re the first person I’ve connected with outside of dedicated facebook groups and emails who knows about JLL’s teachings. I went a little woo with this reading, it felt right because there’s a lot of impactful metaphysical energy around the matter.

Question 1: Regarding travel to Sedona, raising money, bringing twitter group.

In classic Tarot fashion, they’re saying, in summary: this is more about you than it’s about finding money. Tapping into creativity as an energy rather than a means to an end brings you what you seek.

With your sun in Gemini, your solar 2nd house is Cancer. the 2nd house is where income generates, and how it focuses. So far I see your strength of materialization focusing in home, comfort, security. It can be challenging to venture into unfamiliar territory. You seem to effortlessly materialize what you need to keep things stable at home. To extend that vortex to covering other people’s expenses, look to thinking of them as family and keep your attention on the trip as a “family reunion” at home.

0. The card in the center represents the matter at hand:

6 of Cups- The energy of your question focuses on play, role playing, & treating others how you wish to be treated. Your inner child wants to play, right now. [So play!] Practicing gift exchanges presents a positive opportunity to get into your creative mode. Old relationships take on new meaning, offering support, comfort, and familiarity to your present awareness. Resist any temptation to nostalgia by realizing you are all still here, just in different places. Your connection to your inner child and sense of play and fairness offers impeccable aid to you to reach your goals. Perhaps you respond to Sophia’s baby talk at us, as JLL talks about. Keep note of [your experiences] with her to test the teachings. Materialize through the energy of abundance through finding playmates and playing games with lightheartedness.

1. The covering card represents the circumstances surrounding the matter:

3 of Pentacles, Rx-

How you work and how people watch the way you work opens up the process to get you where you want to be. [Show your work] to attract attention and share what you’re doing with others as much as possible. Crafting the vision will draw others to you, naturally and with ease. Meld the energy of play with the effort of creation to really make it pop. When you do, people will feel amazed that you make it look so effortless.This card promises beneficial interactions with potential donors/clients, manifesting presently.

2. The crossing card shows the primary challenge in satisfying the problem:

8 of Cups-

The emotional aspect of the journey, this card shows all that you leave behind on the emotional level. [Abandon what no longer serves you] to maximize your effectiveness. Trust that all you leave behind serves to benefit you and others on a spiritual level. [Trust the Plan] with forgiveness of past efforts, emotional attachments, & interactions.

Cultivate your base to ensure you attract people who also give you meaningful contributions.

3. The card at the bottom represents the foundation/fundamental aspect of the situation:

XV The Devil, Rx- The secretive occult society known as the Knights Templar conceived of & appointed Baphomet to guard the secrets of the mysteries. To some this looks like the Devil, and the order used the image & Christian name to their advantage to inspire fear in their enemies. Here Baphomet appears as the Black Magician with two thralls, embodying the pitfall that awaits those who seek power for the sake of power.
It feels to me like you’re breaking the confinements of hierarchy some believe necessary to gain access. The root of access to power lies in questioning your own motives, coupled with the fear that most people confront, that we’re doing work for purely selfish gain and to nil or destructive ends.

This particular Tarot deck, the Waite-Smith pack, materialized as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn’s attempt to help individuals access the mystery outside of the initiation & degree-based hierarchy, even if some believed their way still allowed the best possible access (not to geek out on history but to show the meaning represented by this symbolism). This card represents the access to Freedom: you get to decide the truth based on your experiences, which belief system/s serve you. You determine your path, and whether to free yourself from the bondage of the material world, or to stay in convenient captivity. So do we all, and it looks different for everyone. For some, the best access for them is through the system. People tend to bear limitations in understanding that remain relatively fixed. Remembering that will help you wake more people up. The card shows the human tendency to play the victim and scapegoat ourselves into egotistic narcissism where the world revolves around us. With this card as the foundation, you may have witnessed the underbelly of human nature.

I sense in the long term past, others might have accused you of operating from this motivation, and if that intuition is right, know this: they are reflecting what they don’t like about themselves that they see in you, and in the process extending it in accordance with the extent that they believe themselves to be bad.

Any fear, any temptation, can serve to initiate you more deeply into the mysteries. I don’t usually get so esoteric with this interpretation: on a more mundane level, the card speaks to hangups, bondage, and addiction, with the reversal implying the person dealing with them, depending on surrounding cards.

4. The card at the top shows the best possible potential, realized depending on how you respond:

IV The Emperor, Rx-

The boundaries and authority you establish must stay connected to your inner child and sense of play. This card represents the full potential of materializing your own reality. Perfect love and perfect trust extended to your self allows you to connect to God-Within, as a channel for creative energy.

This is not some power reclining distantly on a throne, it’s within you and working with you and loving you.
As you come more into your Power, you step further into Sovereignty.

5. The card to the left shows the recent past (2-4 weeks, approx.):

6 of Wands, Rx-

A partial success. Putting focus to yield mixed results. Something recently stalled your enthusiasm. You put it out there but still await a response. Don’t let it discourage you. You didn’t do anything wrong, you’re just troubleshooting for the best result.

6. The card to the right shows the near future (2-4 weeks, approx.):

10 of Wands-

An expansion of the work load until you have more than you know what to do with, awaits you with a refreshing but yuge change in pace. This card bears the counsel: don’t overextend yourself. Carry what you can handle. Test your limits, and know when to rest. Strength training takes time and the proper steps.

The tasks that find their way to you may not look as though they give direct yield. The figure carries staves that may become firewood after curing, or may be used as lodge poles for a teepee. This card shows material wealth, rather than money. Appreciate it all, even if it doesn’t directly draw you income. Build your infrastructure to receive fulfillment to capacity.

7. The card at the bottom right shows your conscious attitude/ego:

XXI The World, Rx- The world is your oyster – but it can also be a trap! The good news is, it’s only a trap if you let it be. It doesn’t have to snare you, it depends on your attitude (I have a feeling you already know this, and if so, consider this extra validation). This card connects to the Devil Rv to point out you might still be working on resistance to all that can be possible, potentially out of fear that it will take you over. Trust yourself! You can handle more resources and responsibility than you think, as long as you allow yourself to keep playing through your work. With Trump as an example, focus on the energy of winning (even in partial successes, as with the recent past) to bring that into your vortex.

You carry a talent for connecting with the World. You connect people with each other and approach all as the Maitraya, the Helpful Stranger, one of the forms of the Buddha. The card shows an androgyne, a being with male and female attributes. Some take this concept as a literal goal, thereby distorting it (worshiping transgender identity disorder), but on the metaphysical level of truth it points to the nature we all can embody of being comfortable with the masculine and feminine aspects of our own consciousness.

This is you, as an ascended being, connected to the elements, the four cardinal directions, harmonizing your intent within you & attuning to the conscious intent of Gaia-Sophia, and the whole cosmos. You’re here for a big purpose – sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Give that worry over to the Divine Consciousness in trust that you are loved, protected, and worthy.

8. The card above (8) represents your environment:

II The High Priestess, Rx-

You encounter an opportunity right now to shred all the veils dividing the common reality from dwelling in the mystery of life. Prepare to see more visions and dream more dreams. This is another card of breaking the rubicon of initiation-based hierarchy and claiming your right to comprehend: you don’t need a certification, a degree, a nothing, except your own personal experience and impeccability. Be impeccable. Be mysterious.

9. The card above (9) shows your Hopes & Fears:

Page of Cups, Rv-

Remnants of insecurity. This card further represents all you’ve outgrown, that the 8 of Cups challenges you to leave behind for good, no matter how much work you’ve done toward letting go: uncertainty, confusion, Charlie Brown syndrome (wishy washy) that allows others to be “always picking on me.” A doormat, a people pleaser. Someone might try to be latching on to you to drain the energy of compassion by making high demands of you – maybe that’s yourself. Ditch the impossible standards and be your authentic self. You Are Good Enough. Compassion does not mean martyrdom. Take yourself and all of this a little less seriously. Play!

10. The card at the top right shows the most likely outcome, given current circumstances and attitude:

Ace of Cups, Rv-

There is abundant and infinite love for you, here. At the outcome, the yield that comes form your efforts and attention, awaits more outpouring of the Spirit, possibly an overwhelm. Prepare yourself to accept it. Yes, it’s [real]. It’s really good.

It might not be what you expect. Your intuitive connection with others must be open for you to be ready. You will keep drawing in the people who travel with you, as you communicate about your dream to fulfill the goal. What do you want? Why are you chasing it? What are you working to create? More inspiration and more energy comes to you freely. Do not be afraid. The Spirit of God is with you.

Question 2: Regarding Marriage, family

“I’ve got to kids 9 and 12. Been married for 16 years, feels like it’s been dead for the last 3….help? Lol

Feel stuck. Can’t leave can’t stay basically. Any guidance appreciated”

0. The center card, the matter at hand:

XVIII The Moon-

Your wild nature and “civilized” nature both respond to the guidance of the moon. Your innermost feelings, embodied by the crawfish, struggle to emerge from the emotional memory of the psyche. This harkens back to summer nights at the beginning of romance when you go out and howl at the moon. This energy offers the most powerful assistance as it also permeates the relationship.

[Listen to your intuition] to see through the dark. (JLL’s YT talk about the moon explores our relationship with Her in depth.)
This cycle feels wild and crazy, like mood swings, mystery, confusion. The good kind of confusion, though: the kind Terrence McKenna talks about as recognition of the novel. You’re entering a new level of consciousness, and this reading will address what you can do to seek to understand and reach agreement with your partner on whatever level works best. This has also just happened: The solar eclipse in Leo, as hinted by the crescent in the cirlce, it might not “just” be the moon but the eclipse.

1. The covering card represents the circumstances surrounding the matter:

King of Wands-
The masculine principle that inspires others to action permeates the situation. It’s not /all/ your fault, but the make-or-break factor rests on your ability for you to own your feelings and motives for growing this garden. There’s an aspect of you that turns on the charm, but since Aries (sign of this card) is in your solar 11th house, you’re more likely to show this attention to your associates than your spouse (7th house Sagittarius) – she may feel you as withdrawn, and not entirely present in the partnership. Your sense of adventure and motivation to achievement can materialize as passion for moving a relationship forward, but can split if commitment turns into obligation.
2. The crossing card shows the primary challenge in satisfying the problem:
6 of Wands (I swear I shuffled well!)-
The same card that appears as recent past appearing in the present reflects the impact of your attitude towards success on your partnership. This is the card of recognition for complete success. As a challenge, it comes across like this: own what you’re good at! See yourself as winning already. See you in your partnership being successful, in recognition that [success can look like anything, as long as you have the attitude of #winning].
3. The card at the bottom represents the foundation/fundamental aspect of the situation:
7 of Wands (Contention)-
The stance you take in confrontation feeds the tension that blooms from the Wands of the central vertical axis of the Tree of Life Spread.
The stance you take determines the degree of #winning you can handle. The great man has great enemies. The difficulty in this card arises when the contention ferments at home. How can you drop the competition with your spouse, and encourage her to compete [with] you rather than against you? How do you win her over? (Hint: see 6 of Cups in previous question).
4. The card at the top shows the best possible potential, realized depending on how you respond:
5 of Wands (Chaos)-
This struggle brings in other people, this time everyone standing on a level field. Perhaps in the past you’ve felt as though you’ve fought for the high ground, as seen in the 7, and you move through the process of learning to get you to contend with her in the spirit of all opinions being equally valid, even if some are more based on fact and logic than on others. Work together to solve the problem (see Jordan B. Peterson’s talks on marriage).

This looks more like working together to solve a problem (all the figures can be seen as dancing, moving to construct a pentagram, the sigil of stability and materialization).
Solution of the tension may look like finding a common goal and working toward that together. What feels good? Get to an emotionally calm place, and figure out what would make each of you happy. Sit down and hash that out. Make sure to take breaks when emotions run high. You can release past imprints from marital strife you witnessed in your childhood (see previous question re:forgiveness). There can be more openness, honesty, and allowance than ever before, because of cultural and astrological paradigm shifts.

Remember, the future grows out of the past, but can be trained to a different form. The crooked branch can be straightened with binding.
5. The card to the left shows the recent past (2-4 weeks, approx.):
II The High Priestess-
Again, this card arrives to show the veil to the mysteries. This card represents the virgin, perhaps your partner in her independent form, but also your personal intuition. I sense, w/the Moon, Rv, you’ve been feeling this intuitively but haven’t said much between the two of you. The vertical axis of the wands points to constructive growth through the vitality of the spirit, in dedication, and whatever the future brings will be to the benefit of all involved.
6. The card to the right shows the near future (2-4 weeks, approx.):
XIII Death- Irrevocable change that leaves nothing untouched. It may or may not be literal. Don’t be scared, be prepared. This card refers to confronting mortality, in whatever form. In the end, no one makes it out of here alive! However, it’s not just an end of a chapter for the querent (and no, this doesn’t mean /your/ death, but an egoic death, sometimes accompanied by the death of a loved one, but NOT ALWAYS and I can’t see one way or the other. If so, the querant always already knows – it never comes as a surprise).
I feel like you’re strong enough to be prepared for anything (King of Wands) and while I don’t know what exactly this points to I know you’re preparing for it, and you will know. The egoic death involves dying to the self, and the counsel with this card is, don’t fight the Power. Also, the sorcerer’s counsel is this, when confronting death: ‘do not go softly into that still night. Fight, fight against the dying of the light.’
This card can also (and most frequently does) simply refer to the end of the [problem] without any specific form attached.

When you emerge from the other side of this experience, nothing will be the same. Prepare. Meditate. Purify your intent. With regards to the question, it may signify the end of the relationship as you know it. Trust the possibility of sharing a peaceful connection, even in that event (it may be out of your hands already).

The Serenity Prayer feels useful here. Focus on the sunrise peaking over the horizon.

7. The card at the bottom right shows your conscious attitude/ego:
3 of Swords, Rx-
Heartbreak, stormy weather for the affections, but here, the worst is over. You feel hurt, but resolute. Keep your heart open and it will really all be okay (remember the Devil at the root of the other question, about getting tied to attachments and obligations). Pierce through the veil of any egoic feelings, using how you feel to [get present with her].
Communication heals through understanding. Vocalize, as in mantram. 3 of Swords connects to the heart chakra, you need to express your feelings in a safe space to you, and if that would upset her, then do it elsewhere so you can get to an even footing as in the 5 of Wands.
8. The card above (8) represents your environment:
8 of Wands, Rx-
Messages sent, but understood? Heard, but listened? This points to a heaping dose of miscommunication. No sweat. The benefit of the Death card in the near future is, once it’s done, it’s done – that goes towards resolving the miscommunication, and it’s both ways. Just like two people speaking different languages, it’s not that either of you is wrong because of willful intent, or projection, but because of simply grazing over topics or ideas instead of talking out what each of you wants. With so many wands, the emphasis is on what you do, and how you train the situation, so you really can change the dynamic if you want to.
9. The card above (9) shows your Hopes & Fears:
Queen of Pentacles, Rx-
She has it all, and feels anxious that it’s not enough. When a woman mistrusts the abundance of the universe, this card can show up. This may not be the truth but how you see her, with this position: hopes and fears are all in your head. Work on seeing the part of her that expresses gratitude, the part of her that nurtures unassumingly, to allay the fears of insecurity she may or may not be carrying. What it feels like to me is, you’re sensing her holding something back, like she may have a different life goal than what she did when she started out with you, and she’s afraid that you’ll reject her if she tells you, or that she might have to leave you to fulfill that life goal. It’s something material, rather than romantic or ideological.
10. The card at the top right shows the most likely outcome, given current circumstances and attitude:
The King of Pentacles-
As the Queen fulfills the mature maternal aspects of the Earth element, so the King of Pentacles embodies the masculine. Here we see Taurus, your solar 12th house: what feels the furthest away and hardest for you to attain feels like a calm detachment. It’s the embodiment of you that feels like ego death, or has felt in the past as though if you changed this aspect about yourself, you would somehow be giving up your core personality.
You aren’t. This key element turns out to be your ability to connect with the Earth Herself, and reach a new level of understanding and partnership with your spouse.
The matter of whether to stay together or work it out, is still undetermined and therefore up to each of you. Decide what you want. Reconcile with what she wants. Move from there.

Thanks for this opportunity to peek into the landscape of your destiny. I hope this counsel proves beneficial to you. If you have any questions about something I wrote, feel free to ask for clarification.
Best regards,

Faye Dancing Cloud

Do you feel ready for some good news, insight, and clarity?

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