Tarot: Truth & Consequences

This article follows Tarot: Truth or Lies? which ended with the question,

“What is the Truth?”


Are you ready to go down the Rabbit Hole? Let’s take a trip through the Looking Glass and wrap it all up with a nice Tarot reading at the close, to tie up loose ends.


When composing this article in my head, immediately I thought of Samuel Jackson’s lines from Pulp Fiction (1994). I couldn’t find the scene from the film, so here is Mr. Jackson voicing a different character saying the same lines in the cartoon Boondocks.

What can we know? In our human existence, what we know is what can be experienced with our physical and metaphysical senses.

What we don’t know: what someone else experiences or how they interpret their experience.

That is, unless they disclose the truth.

For example, saying the words:

“I’m a monster and a bit of a pedophile.”

Certainly monsters like to mask the truth in satire. Satire can also be used to promote falsehoods, so let’s examine the wider context of the joke and see what holds water.

Pedophilia and child trafficking are hot topics, and the very real situation is nothing to laugh about. In the case of allegations on elitist pedophilia, it’s important to walk through the evidence. That is what I intend to do with you, today (don’t worry, it all ties back in with Tarot at the end, I promise).

When confronting a masking attempt, it helps to examine the known knowns, the known unknowns, and consider unknown unknowns. The ultimate truth includes all of these.

The Known Knowns:

1. Allison Mack has been arrested for involvement with a “self help” cult NXIVM in human and child sex trafficking activities and entered a plea of “Not Guilty.”

Mack indictment.JPG

2. The media (including the DOJ’s release) only talk about the sex trafficking component of the charge, omitting the full title of the 18 U.S. Code 1591, listed on the unsealed indictment.

U.S. Code child sex trafficking.JPG

3. NXIVM claims to run an early childhood education program on their site.

NXIVM child trafficking.JPG

4. #QAnon has warned of pedophiles attempting a behind-the-scenes coup on the government.

Q post 31 Oct 2017.JPG

5. From October 7-November 7, 2016, Wikileaks released 58,375 emails from John Podesta’s account. The emails included some strange messages.

W ith fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch . . (30489)

The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus? (32795)

>> We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be
>> Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and
>> almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in
>> that pool for sure. (46736)

Ps. Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta? (50332)

>>> So that’s our ice encased wiper and taste of the traffic we are in. Suffice to say we will not make it tonight, I am sad to say. Have to settle for the pasta john gave us at Christmas. Really sorry to miss. (44232)

I think Obama spent about $65,000 of the tax-payers money flying in
pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House not long
ago, assume we are using the same channels? (1223066)

6. Clinton fundraising involved the services of James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong hosted a fundraising event for Barack Obama.

7. James Alefantis’ Instagram account included strange images, some involving children.

Researchers archived these images before James Alefantis set his Instagram account to private.

baby hashtag.JPG

baby eats money.JPG


No one has to point to a decoder to sort out the meaning of this symbolic representation:


…Barack Obama playing ping pong with a child…bho-ping pong.JPG

…And the high priestess of “spirit cooking”


(I hope this serves as a signal that we are circling back around to the Tarot)

7. Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s Lolita Express to visit the private island, now destroyed in a fire.

8. Prince Andrew had some kind of relationship with 17-year-old Victoria Roberts while visiting Epstein.


After our little walk through the weirdness, we come back to the British royal family.

9. Around 2014, two children interviewed with police about Hampstead Christ Church child abuse, to later retract all statements in a later interview.

In Gabriel’s retraction, he admits his dad having slapped him for “lying” about the secret rooms.

The investigator reveals the doctor’s findings, but Gabriel says that despite the bruises on his body, no one had done him any sexual harm.

I hope I’ve demonstrated by what we know, that this problem goes deep and wide.

The policeman who interviews the little boy above, also talks about truth and lies, which brings us back to the question in the open of this article.

10. Just yesterday, reports circulated calling Anthony Bourdain’s death a suicide.

Tweets and Instagram posts imply something much deeper going on.

The Known Unknowns:

1) How many people are involved?

2) How long has this been going on?

3) What (if any) forces presently work in the world to stop it?

The Unknown Unknowns:

We can’t know what we don’t know.

That, and the Known Unknowns, mark an opportunity to consult the Tarot:

Here follows, the Celtic Cross Spread Reading to the question – What forces are working now to expose the unknown unknowns, and to what end?


1. (bottom left) The essence of the Question. The 5 of Wands shows the building of the chaotic and transformative element of Fire. Saturn in Leo equates to the force of Shiva the Destroyer, which seems to represent the problem, as the symbolism used by the elite connect them to a Saturnian death cult.

2. (bottom right) The surrounding circumstances. XVIII The Moon appears in a fitting position and also touches on the underlying reason for this problem. Why do we suffer through this, collectively? Every experience we encounter as a species serves to help us grow. We must confront everything ugly and unwanted about humanity, in order to pass this ordeal. We must confront it, reconcile it, accept it, and choose something better.

3. (top) Ironically, the obstacle, placed as the pinnacle of a triangle, itself shows a triangle. Mars in Capricorn signifies virulent action supporting stability and longevity. This change will not be a fast one, nor will it be fleeting. The change in consciousness we experience as we expose the cult that has likely worked behind the scenes for millennia to abuse and train the next generation to do the same, with the larger goal of subjugation of humanity, takes a lot of growth and willingness to experience accountability, traits that the 3 of Spheres points to.

The next phase of the reading shows us the roots of the subconscious, or unknown unknowns (bottom), and superconscious, the forces at work to resolve the situation (top).


4. Adjustment takes the place of Justice in this deck, as Justice requires checks and balances and accordingly, adjustments. What is being done is allowed because everything is permitted, but no actions go without consequence. As the scale tips one way, so it will the other, and justice will be served. This card is said to refer to ‘feminine justice’ as well, which means that rather than direct force of punishment, what visits the heads of those committing the acts carries the spirit of indirect reflection and passive retribution moreso than direct force. That is not to say that no one will be imprisoned, but that the greater consequence rests on the people’s spirits, rather than anything done to them physically. Ultimately the best outcome that could happen to them is to realize just how much suffering they have caused, even if it would feel to them like a curse.

5. Transformation stands in for Death in this deck, signifying that everything fundamentally changes in the cycle of life and death. Phrases that come to mind for me with this card, here, are

“You can’t unsee this.”

“Nothing will be the same after this story breaks.”

“Enough is enough.”

“We will not stand for this any longer.”


3rd phase: Behind, the past. Before, the future.

6. The Sun has already risen. This is good news! An affirmation that consciousness rises with each moment, that the more people become aware of what is happening, the more we leave off with being told what to think. That is why I’m choosing to write about this, now, over a year after the Pizzagate story broke, over six months into #QAnon (I really need to write about what #QAnon is and how I was lifted up from being cynical about all world leaders into a restored hope and motivation to act in participation). I think enough weirdness has happened between then and now that has only propelled the narrative of widespread scandal, not just in Hollyweird but world wide, and spread the word that as this comes to light, we do have people on our side working to root it out and stop it, once and for all. The most critical element of this card however, is its association with children. This is all about the children, our future, and what legacy we leave behind for them.

7. Six of Spheres brings balance in the physical realm, temporarily. The phase of balance and stability is only temporary because the old has to die to make way for new growth. We are not just seeing an exposure of enemies to life, we are here to witness phenomenal growth and expansion of wealth and prosperity because previous obstacles are being removed. This is not a completely passive process, either. It may not look as though everyone is participating in this, but even the people who hold ugly hateful intention towards those who would do good on this planet are participating in the dawn of the golden age that breaks over us, now – I would stay starting back at the winter solstice, 2012.

The final phase of the reading moves up the line from the bottom, through Self (collective attitude of humanity), House (the environment of the struggle/solution), Hopes & Fears (point of collective focus) and Outcome.


8. (bottom – self) 10 of Spheres signifies immense wealth: too much wealth, in fact. An overburden of wealth that spills over into everything and demands to be spent less it goes to waste. At one point in history, the Egyptian currency was set on barley, and what went unspent went to waste. To prevent the waste of grain, the Egyptians used a negative interest system in times of surplus. This is the same idea – wealth that would be worthless sitting in a vault must be circulated. So it is with human consciousness. It’s time for the information to come out. It’s time for economic scales to balance – much of the cult that practices child abuse and sacrifice, also uses the monetary system to hoard wealth from much of the rest of the population. Collectively, it is time for us to level the playing field and resolve old debts (could this be hinting at an upcoming Jubilee year?).

9. (house) The Princess of Wands is known in the deck as the bridge between the higher aspects of Fire and the raw transformative element itself. She steps forth from the realm of imagination into the realm of the physical in elaborate and carefully practiced steps. As an environment, she speaks to timeliness. The stage is set, the people coming forward number more now than ever, and the number will continue to grow. Those focusing on the evil deeds may perpetuate a sense of overwhelm, but those focusing on the solution will see that in order to overcome this problem we must confront it. The entire truth must come out, and everyone involved must come forward in order to effect change. She is here to help us dismantle all that stands between us and fulfillment of Creator’s dream for us.

10. (hopes & fears) The Four of Lasers (Swords) points to a time of rest. Great efforts require sufficient respites, and the four represents a brief rest, but carries the fear of getting stuck or suffering with a long, recurrent chronic illness. This card, however, bears the promise of recovery ahead, and with recovery comes increased strength and vigor.

11. (outcome) The High Priestess represents our highest intuition and the initiation into the mysteries. In my research I have discovered something like a ‘fake’ and ‘real’ mystery school tradition. There is one iteration that seeks to subjugate humanity, that has preyed on us for millennia, lent money with usery, deceived the public, and made practically everything we think about the world inverse of reality. Then, there are the white hats – the members of the ‘service to others’ and ‘light worker’ camp, potentially of these same mystery schools, who while maintaining many of the same practices as the dark brethren, do so without doing harm, while seeking to liberate humanity and empower all to self direction. It’s time for these people to come clean, as well; to admit what they really stand for, and to lead world governments toward empowerment, sovereignty, liberty, and justice for all. The more we listen to our intuition, that still small voice, the voice of Creator, the more impervious we become to manipulation from outside forces.

Hopefully this leads to an end to all infant mutilation and restores the natural birthright of all children to live in harmony with one another and with the Earth. If we are to aspire to this goal, we have to be willing to inform ourselves and spread the word about what it means to be in tact, healthy, and living in beneficial reciprocity with nature.

Thanks for reading this article. Please consider donating to support my work and deeper research by Paypal (select to family or friend) at faye.frances@gmail.com. You can also use that email address to contact me for a reading or call (435) 232 1524.

Until next time, be well.


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