Top 5 Tuesday: Cards for Laughter, Cards for Pain

I bet most Tarot experienced readers could populate a list pretty quickly. For beginners, it can be a fun exercise to practice, by naming off as quickly as you can, 5 cards that signify any feeling, situation, or type of person you can think of. I tried to think of the most unique cards to include in these lists, to offer a different perspective and variety in their interpretations, so these might deviate from the norm. In alignment with the principle that good and bad are mental constructs, the cards described are not always for “good” laughter or “bad” hardship.

I’d love to see your own lists or thoughts about what I’ve written in the comments below or Tarot Nerds Facebook group.

Next week: Cards for Luck.

Top 5 Tarot Cards for Laughter


The laughter of zeal for life. Laughter is a force of nature, connected to our instincts. Sometimes we have to stifle laughter when it springs up in an inappropriate context. The Strength card portrays the mastery of nature that comes with consciously training our laughter. 

4 of Wands

The laughter of a party getting started. A reception, birthday party, reunion, or social mixer.

7 of Cups

The Chaos Magick practitioner is advised to invoke laughter in order to banish raised energy in all workings, from having charged a sigil, summoned an egregore, or just when things get weird.

5 of Swords

The laughter of conquest, delight taken in bringing on someone else’s downfall. This could be the laughter of vindication, or cruel, humiliating laughter.

9 of Pentacles/Disks

The soft laughter brought on by pleasurable surroundings and the playful side of nature. 


Top 5 Tarot Cards for Hardship

XVI – The Tower

When unexpected and sudden upheaval comes, which many experience as the epitome of hardship. Beyond an irrevocable end follows the collapse of a whole cultural system within our lives and for everyone who suffers the catastrophe. 

5 of Wands

Facing the competition, engaging in conflicts to test your beliefs, build character, and strengthen skills. The hardship of growth, guided by contrast. 

4 of Cups

When nothing feels as sweet as it once was. Facing disappointment in getting what we thought we wanted. The hardship of refining our discernment of desire, to ask and receive more appropriate things. 

3 of Swords

The first heartbreak of discovering the wrongness of your expectations on someone or something. The honey moon phase ends, but the following reconciliation reveals the integrity of the relationship. 

7 of Pentacles/ Disks

When we’ve put in all the work we know how to do, and it’s time to wait and hope that our efforts are rewarded, but when we must also review any mistakes we have made and think about what we might do better, next time.

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As always, thanks for reading!




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