A Different Kind of Psychic

The face of Tarot is changing.

More and more professionals with counselling credentials are working with Tarot as a tool for opening the mental associations between the unconscious language of symbols and their link to conscious memories. Repressed emotions in the unconscious mind often show themselves as mental illness such as depression, anxiety, chronic nightmares and other sleep cycle disruptions, and even substance addiction, or physical illness such as chronic pain or immunity-related disorders, and even recurring injuries or weakness in the body’s makeup. Once the conscious mind gets in tune with the messages being conveyed by the unconscious, the trapped energy can be released. Until then, questions can be answered, problems can be addressed, but the same questions and the same problems keep appearing, again and again. It is only when the underlying cause is addressed that the lessons can be fully learned, and we can freely explore new questions and tackle different problems.

Certified practitioners in the mental health profession abide by limitations in what they can predict, which is why psychic mediums are still in demand. Adept mental health practitioners often carry psychic gifts of empathy and foresight, but may not know how to apply them. Masterful psychic practitioners will be trained in counselling techniques, bringing their abilities into conscious awareness, such as a natural ability in recognizing micro-expressions on a person’s face, or picking up on subtle cues in a person’s speech over the phone.

Then there are the unexplained manifestations of the link between us all. The cosmic vibration that carries relevant details from the past, other people’s lives, events, messages from people who have passed on from this life to the next, resonates with some as inner sight, sound, cognizance, sensation, or even taste and scent.

Many people want to glimpse their own future, or the future of their loved ones. The tricky part about making predictions through time are the variable choices and circumstances that may affect the outcome because all beings are simultaneously on their own course of free agency within a set of predetermined circumstances. Tarot has always pointed out the differences, to me, between the known knowns, the known unknowns, and the unknown unknowns (and sometimes there are even things that we know, but we aren’t aware that we know them, or that their knowing has relevance to the problem at hand).

Once, after giving a reading to a graduate student in Psychology, I was told that in twenty minutes, that I had covered relevant background information that would have taken weeks’ worth of sessions to uncover.

My personal role as a Psychic Intuitive is to offer guidance that comes to me through the Tarot cards as I get out of my own way and let the information flow. A second phase of interpretation follows, where I apply what I know about the situation to the information revealed by the cards.  This phase is where I make the predictions that can be made, and articulate the future potentials that are yet to be determined.

The third phase is when I present some questions to you: how do you want to feel about this outcome? How can you apply what you know in taking positive steps toward your desired destination? How can you expand your vortex to include both where you are now, and the goals you wish to reach, to move easily and without effort toward them?

The questions themselves take on a personal scope in relationship with each situation presented by my clients. That’s where you come in. The journey takes on new dimension, deeper meaning, and you are empowered in your choices to create your reality with the universe.

Are you ready?


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