New Service: the Cosmic Influences Reading

For the next week, I’m offering a new service at a special introductory rate of $10.

Have you been wondering what cosmic influence is affecting an area of your life? Maybe you don’t have time to sift through all the planetary transits. Is there something about your life that is not going as planned, for no apparent reason? Maybe circumstances pile up against you. People seem to be unavailable right at the moment you need them most. Something that normally works for you goes haywire, and you wonder what hidden opportunity lies in the situation but you just can’t figure it out.

This is when the Cosmic Influences Reading can help you most. When you submit your payment by clicking the button below and ask your question via email (, I will draw a card and email you a three paragraph report that answers your question in relation to the astrological correspondence to that card, and what activity that planet or zodiac sign is up to that is influencing your life.

This offer expires September 5th, so click the link below now, to take advantage of this special pricing while it lasts. If you’ve found this page after September 5th, no worries, this reading will be available for the reasonable rate of $18.


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