Reading: The Four Powers of the Magus

My personal spiritual practice has included the study of Gardnerian Wicca. Last night, I created a reading based on the Four Powers of the Magus. They surfaced almost on their own, to provide deeper insight into an elemental layout.

To know, to Will, to Dare, to Keep Silent: These are the four of the Magus. In order to know, we must dare. In order to will, we must know. We must will, to possess. In order to reign, we must keep silent (paraphrased from Grimoire of Shadows, Ed Fitch).

As I update my blog to include a more comprehensive set of services I provide, I wish to include this layout as an example of options for my one-question readings.

Clockwise from Right: To Know (Air), To Will (Fire), To Dare (Water), To Keep Silent (Earth), To Reign (Center).
Clockwise from Right: To Know (Air), To Will (Fire), To Dare (Water), To Keep Silent (Earth), To Reign (Center).

Whether or not you practice ritual magick, this reading can benefit you if you seek to deepen your ability to tap into the limitless personal power to which we are all given at birth. Since my desired outcome for my Tarot practice involves using creative power to influence the world around me, I decided to use this principle to reveal the most effective approach available for me. The end result yielded a greater understanding of the Fourfold Power itself. I decided to share this with you because the cards I turned up represent, to me, the core value behind each of the four powers, and the essence of what I strive to bring to my practice.

1. To Know – Air – represents the Seeker’s thoughts, and how the Seeker may best redirect their thoughts to reach the desired outcome. The Five of Cups deals with regret and loss. In this position, the card implicates self-judgment. The presence of Cups, the suit of feelings and affections, brings to the reading the principle of self mastery – it is with our thoughts that we have the power to direct our feelings. We must release judgment of any situation in order to practice compassion on ourselves as well as others, and this may involve a retreat into the logical mind, and away from our raw emotions, to transcend the dynamic of regret. I’ve recently started meeting with a life coach and my first assignment she’s given me has been that when I’m feeling discouraged to write down what is good. This card reflects that exercise exactly.

2. To Will – Fire – represents the driving aspect of our choices: our actions and passions. VI The Lovers card here points to sharing responsibility. In order to cooperate with others, we must facilitate their ability to act according to their Highest and Best potential. We must share our power as equals with other co-creators. Cooperation between partners also yields more potent results than any one acting on their own.

3. To Dare – Water – how our emotional and spiritual drives are prompting us to grow. XX Karma presents the opportunity to fulfill our soul’s purpose when we are pursuing personal empowerment. In eastern religions and western mystery traditions, the soul elects to mortal rebirth throughout many lifetimes to resolve accountability for energetic debts, whether through wrongful/misguided actions or inaction, with the goal of refining the soul to perfect love and compassion in order to reunite with Source. Our emotional body and spiritual aspect of being, connected to the physical presence of water in the human body, can keep us anchored to the Divine. Personally, I have been daring more to look at my personal Karma, and to conduct ritual work to resolve that Karma.

4. To Keep Silent – Earth – VII The Chariot captures the essence of this power, which I think Yoda describes best when he says: “Do or do not, there is no try.” The Charioteer accomplishes nothing by saying anything about what he intends to do. The accomplishment comes by hopping on the cart and driving the horses to get there. When we are dedicated to doing our work, words fall short. Silence flows naturally. We see the results in our daily practice. Practice makes practice. Discipline is an accumulated trait. We become to busy doing our work to talk about it; our actions speak for themselves.

5. To Reign – Akasha (the Spirit) – I love the 10 of Swords’ hidden connotation of ego death, and here, that meaning is most evident. When we practice the fourfold elements of the first Key of the Magus, we sacrifice our self identity in exchange for the greater power of Self Realization. We are not our body, nor our mind, our strength, or our feelings: we are Awareness. We are Divine Consciousness. To be Self Aware is true wisdom (see Owl up there in the tree? Yea, She knows).

The more that I work with this principle, the more ego loss I experience, and the more aware I become of how much work I still have to do in Self Realization. I invite you to join me on this incredible journey. Namaste and Blessed be!


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