Tough Questions Tuesday

Possibly the most important thing to remember in this is: you define the terms set forth. Hold them singly and separately in your mind for the clearest answers.

Choose three of your most cherished values. Choose three areas where you feel you struggle in life. Choose three traits you admire in others. Shuffle, cut. Draw eleven cards from your deck. Here is your layout:

1-3, bottom row R to L: most cherished values.

4-6, middle row, R to L: areas of struggle.

7-9, top row, R to L: traits of admiration in other people.

10. Bottom center: karma foundation, cause for the effects, reasons for Being in this lifetime.

11. Top center: Spirit goals.


Each card in the middle row is resolved by the energies of the card above it, but fed by the energies of the card beneath, e.g., card 4 is resolved by card 7 but fed by card 4. This could indicate over- or under-activity on the part of the correlating chakras. The reading is constructed on the principles that the things we hold as most important to us, often limit our ability to expand our awareness and overcome our challenges, and that qualities we admire in others are our own secret strengths. Healthy relationships with our values would result in a helpful line of narrative between the three cards.

Feel free to post questions about the spread here. Hopefully soon I will update with a sample reading. Happy Tuesday, folks!


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