Tarot Tuesday: XIII Death, Reversed

Affirm your life, today! Defy Death. It comes too soon, it takes everything we love and turns it back into Earth. But not today, for us. Air fills and leaves our lungs in the miracle of every one of our millions of cells receiving oxygen!

We have forever sought power over death. Imagine, an eternity with a perfectly preserved body. Never aging, never weakening, never getting sick, you would be free to live however many lifetimes. Have you read the Vonnegut story where, for someone new to be born, someone else has to volunteer to die? Death, Reversed, like the story, evokes how absurd it would be to wish for our own immortality. Our love of babies would become  counterproductive, just for starts. The Last Age, the last year, have to pass for us to embrace the new! 

Yet, today’s consumer culture is obsessed with youth. On this day, as the card specifies, the globe shall be especially confronted with everything that must pass away about our lives as a matter of course. Aging is becoming a lost art, but that new anti-aging cream wouldn’t sell as many bottles if we could just accept our age as a sign of beauty and maybe do some facial yoga.

This is the new thing. Your life, moment to moment. Someday, the Reaper will come for each of us, for you, for me. Will we run in fear? Or will we reunite with our cosmic family in joy and love and peace? Ironically, as long as there is a search to overcome death, we will be through our focus, denying the reality of the transient moment. Time, you old vagabond on a one-way train.

Today could very well be a day for contemplating what we’ve released. We can transmute any emotional heaviness into transcendence.

Without change, we would never heal. We would carry the wounds we receive with no hope for relief. Without death, we would have no relief from the burden of existence. We really have no reason to fear Death, whether our world view focuses on a kind and benevolent Savior or Deity that ensures our place in an enjoyable afterlife, or our world view focuses on the belief that we simply rejoin with All That Is. We have no reason to fear Death, as it is a natural process, and doesn’t everybody love a good rest?

Death, Reversed, also reminds us, we never know our time.

Dance with the flow. Love this moment as if it were the last.

General Meanings:
Irrevocable ends and transformations. Not often an indicator of physical death. When reversed, indicates fear of change, clinging to outmoded patterns, state of being in resistance to Life. Need to embrace Death as part of Life, need to bow to Ultimate Fate.

Does this card resonate with you, especially at the time of reading this? Check out my offerings, book a reading with me. faye.frances@gmail.com. Namaste.


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