3rd Edition: Real Life Intuition’s Weekly Advice Column


Artemis asks:

I have been getting American guy in my dreams and then I get told he is nothing much and then I get a Ukrainian guy. (both were meant to be my twin flames)…..What does the card say to this? Who is my real twin and why did I have a connection to the american IF he wasn’t going to be someone I would be with?

I drew 3 cards for your question in a triangle layout.

3. (Top Center)

1.                           2.

1. Unconscious Mind – 9 of Wands, Rx. Exhaustion, issues with resources, imagined enemies – What can I really use to face my struggles? Who is really my ally, and who is my enemy?
2. Conscious Mind – 7 of Wands, Rx. Overwhelmed, losing the high ground, struggle with self – Am I engaged in a worthy struggle?
3. Cosmic, Divine Consciousness – III The Empress. Universal Motherhood. Source, Womb, creativity, Womanhood. I provide for the Earth, I am a Sacred Vessel, I am Worthy of Praise.

The 7 and 9 of Wands, reversed, seem to signify each of the men you are dreaming of. Being told that one of them is “nothing much” in the dream is your experience of what others want for you. Both of the cards reversed says that they are both potentials of the future, but neither of them are clear for you at this time because you need to encounter the Empress, first, and incorporate Her energy into your Being, in order to clear this energy. There’s an aspect of the Truth of your Heart that you are resisting and specifically causes you to feel exhausted (9 of W Rx) and overwhelmed (7 of W Rx). Limiting false beliefs about love are the likely culprit. What messages have you internalized about the sort of person you must be to attract the mate you desire?

The Empress is telling you to follow your vision and get in tune with the cycles. What kind of woman do you want to be within your partnership? Incorporate that vision into who you are now, to draw the relationship you desire closer to you. Now is the time to Love yourself, to Feel your Beauty and appreciate it for the wonders you offer the world. You are unique manifestation of Universal Life Force Consciousness. You are the only you who has ever walked this planet and that ever will. ALSO because this card is in the position of the Outcome, it means that you will become a wife and mother. Your work in letting go, relaxing, and nurturing yourself at this time determines the amount of happiness you will be able to enjoy in that relationship.

Moon Tiger asks:
Is Intuition our 6th Sense or our first Instinct?

My short answer: Yes.

We all begin life with psychic abilities. We connect with our caregivers through our feelings as infants, and if they are in tune, as well, they can anticipate our needs before we vocalize them. As we learn to speak, we lose touch with this 1st instinct. Some of us are lucky to be trained by our families to keep this ability in tact. As we grow into maturity, we can learn to reactivate our Intuition. Thereby it becomes something of a ‘6th sense’ because it is outside our other senses. Psychic perceptions can take the form of any of the 5 primary senses, even smell, and are called the 5 Clear Senses.


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