2nd edition: Real Life Intuition’s Weekly Advice Column

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Our question this week has to do with the Ascension. My understanding of the Ascension is that our Universe is incorporating a higher frequency into its existence and knitting a healthier relationship with lower frequencies, in freedom, trust and love. We are all simply moving to a full understanding of our situation, which empowers us to take direct action to create the reality we truly wish to live in. Frequencies are simply wavelengths of energy. All energy is consciousness. There are humans with free will who are not choosing to work with the Ascension process, but all energies that do not Ascend are being called back to Source to be transmuted. Sickness cannot feed on itself forever.

To align with the Ascension process, all that is needed is for one to acknowledge the ascension. This contains more process than indicated on the surface. Affirming “I am One with Ascension. My Being is Lifting. I release all concerns for the everyday existence, and flow with the energy, welcoming all my opportunities for growth.” Take this attitude with you through daily tasks, and you will find your spirits lifting.

Daughter of Light in Colorado, asks:

My mother has the ascension humming in her head, to varying degrees at different times. We have tried the quartz crystal, which helps for a time, but she needs something longer lasting. This makes it difficult to hear and concentrate. Any other suggestion?

Dear Daughter of Light,

In order to resolve the humming issue, your mother needs to complete her ongoing alignment with the ascension energy. XIX The Sun appeared as a key energy, indicating she may add more ease to the process by working closely with the energies of the Sun. If the ringing increases in intensity during daylight hours, it is advised that she step outside, close her eyes, and face the Sun, to absorb the most energy from its rays. If the humming gets worse during nighttime hours, it is advised that she imagine the Sun shining in fullness in a clear blue sky. Another activity to keep is to greet the Sun every morning as it rises, to send it love and gratitude. The Sun has the power to dissolve any lingering attachments to worry about past patterns or material scarcity. Completing alignment is a potentially disruptive process, but should go more smoothly for her than some because I sense she is in a career field and with family that is cooperating with the Ascension process. In this completion, any relationships that block the ascension process of either or both parties will break apart. Any unnecessary elements of life will likewise disintegrate. She already feels a natural inclination for the foods her body needs and a disinclination for the foods that do not benefit her. Incorporating a daily yoga practice, meditation or mantra will help her, along with this octahedron meditation that a friend recently share with me. I can provide further resources on yoga – and I don’t mean the fitness stuff, something like Hatha or Ashtanga which is more meditative, instead of the hyped up “burning calories” type (don’t get me wrong, burning calories is great, but I find the meditative yoga traditions create more of an open conduit). If need be I am happy to provide further yoga instruction/ meditation resources. The mantra I suggest is Om Mane Padmi Hum, which means “The Jewel is in the Lotus” and it connects to the cosmic womb and center of everything.

Please leave any feedback in the comments below, like and share if you find this information helpful, and submit your question for next week privately at faye.frances@gmail.com. Thank you! Namaste.

Image credit: Adama Starfire Reiki


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