1st edition: Real Life Intuition’s Weekly Advice Column

ATTENTION: CONTEST – This Weekly Advice Column has no title! Submit your title idea to me at faye.frances@gmail.com or message me on Facebook. If I select your idea, you get a FREE READING of 3 cards by email for any question.

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS FOR NEXT WEEK’S COLUMN BY EMAIL (listed above). I will select one question and draw one card, if it is a divinatory question, or answer general questions in 1-2 paragraphs.

This special 1st edition of my column features two questions, to give you an example of each category. I will normally feature one question.

1. Blue Jaguar in Whidbey Island, Washington, asks:

How successful will the farm be, this year?

Dear Blue,

The Emperor (IV), Reversed, points to challenges in the conventional way of doing things, and success in ways that defy expectations and extend outside of boundaries, and answers your question with another question: How much and what kind of success do you want? The structure and discipline of the farm is changing, and you may find the crop that has sustained the farm in past years could be weak or fail. You may enjoy the most success through a crop that grows outside the boundaries of the farm. Since Aries rules this card, and Mars rules the sign of Aries, work with Carnelian, Blood Stone, or Hematite to open the flow of energy. Lead by serving others. This is not a positive card for directly facing conflict or assuming a “take-charge” kind of attitude.  The Emperor Rx also advises us to loosen up our boundaries and approach work with a sense of fun, and that someone on the farm is losing control and may feel especially threatened. You are more of a leader than you know. Discreet planning that you quietly put into action will yield the highest success. Consider harvesting what grows wild on the land, especially since you know that most so-called “weeds” are actually medicinal plants, and there is a growing demand for such. Plants associated with Mars are highlighted in this answer, so look into basil, garlic, nettle, hops, horseradish, radishes, onion, peppermint, poke root, and thistles. Flexibility, private planning, and patience are your best allies in this situation.

2. Siegfried, in Salt Lake City, Utah, writes:

I had the most profound dream of my life. A 2nd spiritual awakening, “The Boon” if you will. It made me curious, if you can elaborate a bit on how do you use [Joseph Campbell’s] Hero’s Journey with the card reading?
Dear Siegfried,
The figures in the Hero’s Journey appear throughout the Major Arcana and served as Carl Jung‘s inspiration in developing the concept of archetypes in relationship with the collective unconscious. The Fool (0) is the Hero, and each card corresponds with each step in the Hero’s Journey, to climax with XIII – XVI (Death, Temperance, The Devil, and The Tower), and flow to Atonement and Return (Judgment XX, The World XXI). The Major Arcana appear in a reading to indicate the soul’s progress in the healing journey, spiritual guides and helpers, or transformation of a system or idea in the Seeker’s life.

In my own philosophy, the Boon represents Enlightenment. Every time we achieve Enlightenment, we return to normal consciousness with a bit of it to share with those around us until we are called on to embark once more. The more we allow our thoughts and feelings to flow through us, while observing them from our pure consciousness, the more time we can spend in that awareness. The Boon in the journey is not to be confused with the purpose of the Journey – the purpose is not to get the Boon, but to experience the growth that comes with the search.


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