Tarot in Music: Major Arcana

For the past three days, I have meditated and opened myself to divine guidance in choosing the songs lined up in this playlist. Now that it’s done, I’m excited to continue with the Minor Arcana, after releasing and digesting all this, of course!

This project is meant to connect the listener to some key understandings and discoveries about the underlying Truths about each card. There are many visions of this Truth, and I hope this results in more Tarot artists compiling their own playlists.

This idea was inspired by a project I witnessed in 2008 associated with Pantheacon called “The Living Oracle” where practitioners creatively portray the cards and channelling a unique message for the year ahead. The practitioners choose the songs themselves. I wanted to give credit where credit is due (for more info on this Craft Fest, check out: https://pantheacon.com/wordpress/).

Now, on with the music!

0 Return to Innocence
I The W.A.N.D. The Flaming Lips (xl)
II Silence – Sarah McLachlan (acoustic)
III Mother Heroic – Bjork
IV Be The Change – MC Yogi
V Tradition (Fiddler On the Roof) – film cast
VI Blood of Eden – Peter Gabriel ft. Sinaed O’Connor
VII We Are The Champions – Queen
VIII All You Need Is Love – The Beatles
IX The Desire for Hermitage (Barber) – Leontyne Price
X Wheel of Fortune – Kay Starr
XI Love Your Brother – Weldon Irvine
XII Imagine – John Lennon
XIII The Mighty Rearranger – Robert Plant and the Strange Sensations
XIV Cirrus Minor – Pink Floyd
XV Closer (w a Star Trek twist: xl)
XVI Feeling Yourself Disintegrate (Coyne) – The Bad Plus ft. Wendy Lewis
XVII Age of Aquarius – The 5th Dimension
XVIII Wolf Like Me – TV On The Radio
XIX I Can See Clearly Now – Johnny Nash
XX When The World Ends – Dave Matthews Band (Oakenfold Remix)
XXI The Circle – Blackmore’s Night


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