Encountering Resistance

Today, I’m taking the ten minute challenge for writing a blog post. No contest on the net, just time constraints which draw me to other work.

Over the years, the majority of my readings have been about forecasting the outcome of a situation. More often than not, the seeker before me desires an outcome to look a certain way, through the lens of their own ideas of how the world works, what is right and wrong, and other lenses. The Tarot conveys messages in symbology of ancient, universal archetypes. When we encounter resistance to our goals, the Tarot can help our perspective shift to a more Universal sense of balance, inclusion of all energies, whether we find them desirable or undesirable. 

Astrological events that you can read about here (courtesy of Astrobarry) have prompted me to look at resistance to the outcomes we desire. Mercury in Gemini lends rapid action in certain situations, much like the Knight of Swords. Like the Knight of Swords, the effect of the energy can be such that if we have been wandering without focus, that we may find ourselves swept away by the runaway horse of change, speeding away to an outcome that we dread. 

Why would this happen? We find ourselves going through life, making plans, paying bills, being grown-ups, when suddenly disaster strikes in chaotic rearrangement of the elements of our lives. One person’s best friend turns out to be someone wholly different than the person who was created in the other’s mind. Another develops a strange skin condition and discovers after some time that the cause is a reaction to a normal household chemical. Say the first person works closely with their best friend. Say the second works with chemicals professionally, and suddenly reaches a crossroads in what sustainable work to pursue. 

Maybe we ask, Why would this happen to me? Will I get to accomplish what I’ve set out to do, or will life circumstances constantly intervene?

Many people have turned to me and my cards for answers. Maybe I can help you out. 

Change calls for adaptation. Everything in existence follows the law of Cause and Effect. This law connects all events happening in existence at any given time. 

On the other hand, intent is powerful. Our will shapes our reality. Also, we possess Higher Consciousness, that normally directs our path to the way of least resistance. When we are alert, and adaptive to what events surround us, our desires will gravitate naturally toward outcomes that align with the Highest and Best of All Involved.

The beauty in this principle of governance is that we don’t have to be directly conscious of what is Highest and Best for Others (and it might just be preferable not to try being conscious of it, because, as I’ve discovered from personal experience, one person does not consciously know the best for the other, because it is not our part to direct another’s will, which is why I avoid telling seekers “what to do” in a reading). What really matters is that the Conscious Mind is in tune with Higher Self and approaching life with an attitude of service. “How may I serve you?” are just as powerful words as “Thank You,” “You’re Welcome,” and “I love you.” 

When we’re meeting difficulties in reaching our goals, our Higher Self is not guiding us to the path of least resistance to manifest our desires. This happens for reasons as individual as each person, but the reasons tend to fall into a couple of categories:

a) The time is not right for the outcome to manifest because other, related, circumstances are coming together. Timing can be predicted by looking at a Tarot layout of known variables and (consciously) unknown variables, so that the Seeker may expand their awareness of what to expect in certain time periods, and which variables are up to another individual’s (or group’s) free will. My timing predictions are only down to the hour of occurrence in a reading when the event is already set to take place. These are situations such that a decision has been made, but you have yet to be notified. Otherwise, addressing any questions of time involve looking at windows, and signs to pay attention to that indicate what direction another thread is going and what qualities within yourself would be beneficial to concentrate on at this time. 

b) The outcome is not something in the Highest and Best interest to the Seeker, or someone else very closely connected to the situation. This most often happens when the seeker’s desired outcome is strongly attached to a specific object or person. The goals of finding a lost ring and wanting reciprocated love from a certain someone, for example, are both strongly attached to a specific object or person. If the seeker is willing circumstances to bend ethics or break a pre-existing order in order for that to happen (let’s say the lost ring was pawned and the person knows the purchaser of the ring and the other person doesn’t want to sell it back to the original owner, no matter the price; or that the beloved in question is already married), warning signs may appear in the cards of such a mindset. We’re all prone to confusing Ego with Destiny and Fate, as part of being Human.

My time has now run out, so finally I’ll address: how do we respond to such resistance? 

Generally, I’ve received help by practicing to:

– Meditate with the idea of releasing desire for that outcome. 

– Broaden the idea of fulfillment of that desire.

– Focus on feelings linked to achieving the end result you wantand request God-Life-Force-Consciousness to send you experiences that lead you to that outcome. 

-Serve others in all that you do, including nurturing and nourishing yourself.

Thanks for reading!


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