Mercury Stationary-Direct: a Reading for the Collective Consciousness

Tonight, I entered sacred space and drew a card via my favorite virtual deck for Mercury’s stationary: direct event that happened today.

As a result, I drew Temperance. I take heed of Facade’s interpretations, but also use my own.

Temperance came up in a reading I gave today, incidentally enough. When we experience the refining fire that burns through us just after a sudden ending, elements of our nature that we no longer need are burned off to make room for the new. This is not always a comfortable experience. Temperance appears in the Fool’s Journey between Death and the Devil, which reminds me of Inanna shedding her royal garments in the Underworld before visiting her sister Erishkagul. After Death, we are humbled, even when experiencing Death during our physical life time. Our lives are rearranged by Death of all kinds. Our preexisting coping mechanisms are tested. We either discover with dismay that we have under-prepared for the change, or we may weather the storm abiding in the Love and Trust that the relationship, career, job, or fellow Soul that has passed to the other side, has fulfilled Its purpose and Its energy has returned to Source.

What does this mean for all of us participating in the Human Consciousness Project? At this moment in time, we are offered the potential of magickal transformation. The Great Rearrangement has occurred and we are currently undergoing the test. The fruits of our life become apparent for reflecting upon. Are we proud of our choices thus far? Are there things we wish to do over? Now is the time to decide whether we are ready to move on, or approach the Lesson again with Love, adaptability, and openness to higher levels of success.

Mercury currently resides in Scorpio, meaning that through the end of this retro period and ahead into the direct motion, unspoken elements bleed through into interpersonal communications. Even people who seem oblivious to friction in a relationship are likely to pick up on it, now. Use this opportunity for direct communication, expressing your own deepest feelings with authenticity and giving deep receptivity to the other person’s feelings.

Not sure how you feel about this transition, what you’d like to create with the potential being handed you, or wondering about the most solid steps you can take at this time? To schedule your reading with Faye, email faye (dot) frances (at) gmail (dot) com or call her at (435) 232-1524.

Blessed be!


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