New Moon in Pisces: The Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands, at first glance, does not appear to be a likely candidate for the New Moon in Pisces. This new moon is conjunct with a handful of other planets in the sign of Pisces (and, on a personal note, Pisces falls in my natal 9th House, giving me some access to cosmic energy, which has been a blast, today and mostly taken form of multitudinous internet synchronicity, so far, and I’m looking forward to my own personal new moon healing ritual tonight). Combine this with the energy of Mars retrograde in Virgo (about which my favorite astrologer Astrobarry has a list of real complaints) and the theme of the day would seem to be lethargy, or at the best sluggishness. The Queen of Wands is usually depicted as an assertive, action-based woman. I think here she embodies the force behind what Lady Yeshe Rabbit describes as response: taking a reaction-based emotion and converting it into fuel for wise responsive action I’ll leave it up to you to follow up on PantheaCon-related current events, if you’re so interested. I included the article by Yeshe Rabbit because her conduct in this challenging situation is an example, to me, of how the Queen of Wands stands tall in this new moon in Pisces combined with Mars retro in the sign of Virgo. The Queen of Wands is a bold and noble leader of her group. Her strong personality pushes her to the forefront of her social network, and in her dignified aspect (meaning, upright) I like to think of her as someone who shares power freely because she knows that by empowering others, she does not diminish her own power, but builds up the collective power of the whole. The only diminishing there applies to power struggles as the mindset “there is no them, there is only us” takes hold and strengthens the group in solidarity. This is the sort of leader I strive to be. I do fall short of the mark at times, and other times other people misinterpret my motives, but the only exaltation I desire is the kind that happens through acts of service, courage, and integrity. The influence of the Queen of Wands on this particular starscape calls us to use this connection to our dream space to build upon our leadership skills. The Queen can initiate new projects with the confidence and dedication to see them through to their end, and is often managing several projects at once, bringing them to fruition. She is confident in her abilities to act her desires into being. Any time she turns up in a reading, she reminds us of our potential to be strong and courageous, to let our heart swell with desire and to measure our own actions and those of others with integrity. What are you delegating in your life? How well do you see your management abilities? Are you displaying your talents openly and balancing your dreams with a strong work ethic?


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