Waning Moon in Scorpio: XVI The Tower

The Tower depicts the Divine bolt of lightning piercing the heavens to strike down any structures we have built in attempts to elevate us over larger powers. At this time, unexpected catastrophes  occur that serve to level the ideological constructs that we form of ‘the way things are.’

The Tower started as one of my most dreaded cards. When I saw it in a reading, I would prepare the seeker for the worst possible outcome. Now, I certainly still consider it to herald a life-changing, probably unfavorable event, but I work to emphasize the potential that comes with this event: a blank slate. Everything that existed before this is swept away, allowing for the seeker to rebuild their life on a true foundation, based on honesty, trust, and love. This is not to say I downplay the disaster implicated by this card. The most extreme devastation occurs when a person is strongly invested in a certain outcome, but even when loving non-attachment is achieved, such widespread destruction and magnificent suffering are painful to watch. The Tower card says nothing if not, “This event will be radically different than what you expect, or even desire…”

With the destruction that the Tower depicts, we have a chance to let the reality soak in: nothing is permanent. Everything is subject to change in some form or another. To practice non-attachment is to invest in the ways that our Spirit grows as a result of our activities; those are the things we can always carry with us. The Tower gives us the impetus to depart from our material values into the realm of Spirit.

What has been destroyed, was built on a false foundation. It can be a powerful blessing to have something like that removed all at once, rather than the structure standing over time, crumbling slowly, to collapse after even more trust has been poured into it. Combined with Luna’s transit through Scorpio, this card amounts to a breakdown of structure in terms of secret codes being exposed, sexual liberation, and violent passions breaking through the surface. Incidentally, February 13th brought riots in Greece resulting from a vote by its government for further austerity measures (see http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/world/jan-june12/greece1_02-13.html).

What structures in your life no longer serve you? How have secrets been exposed, today? How are oppressive structures breaking down around you? Are you suffering because you built something on that false foundation, or celebrating your newly found liberation?


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