Full Moon in Leo: The King of Pentacles

I drew a card for this whole full moon phase, because Luna goes void of course today in preparation for her move into Virgo, but not until after 10 p.m. my time (MST). In any case, the King of Pentacles showed up, somewhat unexpectedly, and dared me to find his relevance to this situation (beyond the Leo-royalty connection, that is).

First, let us talk about Luna’s influence on us in a transit through Leo. Any way you slice it, the Moon in Leo is all about claiming personal power. Luna interacts with our unconscious desires, our most tender emotions, and our wild untamed nature. Leo is the sign of leadership, public presence, and will power. Articles that I have read on this transit mostly tend to side-step the messier potentialities of this dynamic (maybe I’m just more likely to notice because my natal moon is in Aquarius, directly opposite of Leo). This combination of influences implies the power struggles that can happen when desires of power or feelings of powerlessness are normally suppressed. On the flip side, for those working to bring more of their life into consciousness, a Leo Moon presents opportunities to empower Self and Community, such as the Come As You Are Amazon Priestess Tribe‘s  Mother of the New Time project.

The King of Pentacles has nothing astrologically to do with Leo, being associated with Taurus.  He is the incarnation of the powers of Earth, an anchor of stability. He is master of his property and does not let his circumstances rule him. Rather, he maintains his position of providing security for his family and tribe, with a strong work ethic, determination and a ‘can-do’ attitude (because he knows from experience that it can be done!). Earth is a feminine element, along with water, so the King of Pentacles is at peace with his feminine side (if not quite as in tune with it as the King of Cups). He acknowledges his feelings comfortably and appreciates art (and often a good wine).

Luna in Leo feels stabilized by some hidden presence that I couldn’t quite put my finger on by just looking at this card. Venus, Taurus’ planetary ruler, is in Aries, and the Sun is in Aquarius – no obvious connections there. Doing some further research of what is going on with the planets, I found that Jupiter is in Taurus until June of this year. This brings in steady expansiveness, and a comfort in the material, broadly. What it all seems to boil down to is: growth and change need skillful management and oversight by the consciousness to manifest the best results.


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