Full Moon in Cancer: The Page of Pentacles, Reversed

I pulled a card yesterday (10 Jan), while focusing on the full moon in Cancer. I was a little surprised to see the Page of Pentacles, Reversed: the day I drew this card, as of 04:35 (a.m.) MST, the moon has transited into Leo the full moon energy still remains, basically making it possible to take the sensitive energies exposed by Cancer’s influence, and direct them outward to positively affect your surroundings. I do feel that the Page of Pentacles captures the high sensitivity to emotional upsets that people around me have been experiencing (including myself, who turned out to be on the PMS road).

Traditionally, the Pages represent messengers, students, youths: questioners and seekers after truth. I also see them as travelers, but with less of a destination or quest in mind (like the knights) and more in the sense of running errands or travelling to a new school. The seeker can be working with these energies, embodying traits of the page. Pages also herald events, as well, bringing their respective elemental energies to the seeker. The Golden Dawn pins the Page of Pentacles to the signs Capricorn and Taurus, but I have always associated it with Virgo, relating the Page more to health, diligence, and perseverance than work.

I’ve been picking up on interruptions in people’s work, lately, which ties to Taurus/Capricorn, but the interruptions have been health related. Illnesses have been lurking on the periphery of the Wolf Moon. In a most extreme instance, I attended a funeral of a family friend who past away in her sleep of natural causes, but after many other health complications. Incidentally, Mars has been in its shadow, preparing to go into retrograde at 23 d Virgo on January 24th; Mars retrograde in Virgo can bring the same energy that the Page of Pentacles, Reversed brings to the energy of the Full Moon in Cancer. Combined, what this says to me is that people in general must be sure to resolve difficult feelings within their home and family, and reinforce their sense of safety. For the people who are unable to resolve conflicts at home, or have problems feeling safe where they live, Mars retrograde will push that energy to manifest in the form of a compromised immune.

In other words, if you bottle in your emotions, you’re more likely to get sick. This is generally true, but issues that have been bubbling up during this full moon are especially implicated as fueling further events leading up to the Mars Rx in Virgo. It’s kind of cool how it all fits together.

When the Page of Pentacles shows up reversed, he can be found asleep on the job… money is delayed, work gets shifted in unexpected directions, or you may find yourself in a work-slump. Individual results vary.
On the flip side, anyone can use the energy around this full moon to identify and take steps to begin releasing any negative patterns in how you care for yourself. Maybe you had more arguments with your spouse this full moon on what’s for dinner. You wanted something spicy with coconut and ginger, he wanted something mild with beans and rice. You wanted a pizza, she wanted something with eggs. Individually, what each of you are craving could be pointing to differences in your nutritional needs. It all boils down to knowing yourself.
This energy manifested in a very real way; last Friday, I came down with a 12-hour stomach flu, which I think was triggered by a combination of a lapse  in diet, combined with my current diet being drastically different from the normal “winter holiday” fare (lots of white sugar/meat/white flour). The Page reversed, by the way, has gotten so caught up in achieving perfection, that he’s begun to neglect his hunger, his need for changes in routine, and perhaps other ways that maintain his health.

In any case, those are my thoughts, and here’s a picture.




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