Occasional Card of the Day: The Empress

I have to admit, I was expecting a reversal today. My dream last night disturbed me, I’ve been hit recently with three illnesses in quick succession, and have been experiencing money woes, to boot. Maybe this is a sign that this is all passing.

I want to share the translation from facade.com: “The Empress: The essence of femininity and matriarchy. Creativity, productivity, and the foundation of civilization. Initiative and practical actions that promote prosperity, comfort and luxury. Fruitfulness and motherhood.” What especially stood out to me was the phrase, ‘the foundation of civilization.’ To me the Empress is the Goddess of grains and animals, and agriculture has definitely birthed the society we live in today. I have never quite considered, however, the relationship between the Goddess of growth and modern civilization.

When The Empress graces any spread, the Goddess greets us in her aspect of the Mother, the full moon, the giver of life. She brings growth and creativity, abundance, warmth, comfort, nurturance and nourishment. This is not always a comfortable presence – if we aren’t ready to be open to her, we can have difficulties in accepting her blessings. Like the grandson of the Corn Mother, we might be appalled at the means by which the Goddess gives of herself to provide for us and close ourselves of to receiving her gifts.

With the Empress, we are invited to enjoy the fruits of our own creativity. The fullness of life is ours to savor. The seeds we have planted are fruiting, and we are called to celebrate the bounty of the harvest. We are called to embrace everything about ourselves and recognize that compost and decay are a necessary part of creating new life and growth. Like childbirth, it’s a messy process to create something new and breathe life into it. All around me in this society, I see a tendency to sterilize, to cleanse, coming out of deep fear reactions toward the bacteria and viruses that help to keep our bodies strong. The Empress reminds us that everything is a part of the grand cycle of life, even death and darkness.

In what ways are you experiencing the fruits of your labor? Are you embracing Her gifts with an open heart, or do you find yourself battling fear in accepting where those gifts come from?

For further reading on the Empress, check out http://www.crystal-reflections.com/tarot2/rider/empress.htm.

Brightest blessings.


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