Your Free Astrology Chart: Available Any Time.

I’ve been studying more about western astrology to deepen my awareness of symbols in the Tarot. My interest took off in May of this past year when I picked up a copy of an older copy than what I can find online of Astrology for Yourself from a new age bookstore during a visit to the Kansas City area.  I’ll probably never give professional chart analyses, as performed by real professionals like Astrobarry (who has written a book that I seriously recommend of this year’s 2012 astrological forecast). My knowledge, however, will definitely improve the holistic nature of my Tarot readings, especially I think in explaining my seeker’s relationship with the present moment.

Since then, I am learning what it means to have a planet in your [n]th house, and I have been focusing on how the moon’s current sign affects me as a Libra with an Aquarius moon born on a 13th Lunar Day. Understanding of the current position of the Moon is highly pertinent to giving intuitive readings of any kind.

So you can draw your own chart through this link to, look up your own chart and get familiar with it through astrodienst or astrolabe, and then send it off to your favorite astrologer to get it analyzed.

Thankfully, I’m not the only tarot reader whose goal has been to illustrate her own birth chart with a Tarot deck.

Happy researching!


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