Card of the Day: The High Priestess, Reversed

The High Priestess guards the hidden wisdom of the cosmos. The keys to all secrets unknowable, unfathomable, ineffable, she holds in her hand in the form of the scroll, the TORA.

Traditional reversed meanings indicate a loss of spiritual direction, doubt, searching without finding answers, or relying too much on what other people think, do, and say for validation. She offers encouragement to turn within for the answers, to rely on your own hidden strength in your personal connection to the Divine to guide you. This inner connection is different than the Ego – the true Divine Connection always emphasizes service to others, humility, a willingness to learn new things, along with encouragement to face our fears directly. When the High Priestess is reversed, she reminds us to listen carefully and not be swept away in focusing on criticism from others.

Since these card of the day readings apply to people who read this blog, including myself, I want to say, WOW, has this been a theme in my life, lately. I have been exploring all sorts of different boundaries within me and all around me.  I have been confronting the Truth as it is revealed within myself and have been faced with various reactions from other people. It feels sometimes as though the more comfortable I become with myself, the more uncomfortable some other people around me become.

I received a very empowering dream that affirmed to me that I am on the right path, doing true work.

I have been navigating new circumstances in terms of boundaries that have been uncomfortable, but necessary to acknowledge as Hazel grows.

Expect to receive strong messages from your Intuition that may visibly contradict actions that are acceptable to the status quo. Be open to seeking out new experiences if your current experiences are not what you want from reality. That goes for relationships, too. Trust your Inner Guidance to show you the way to Understanding.

Where has the High Priestess been turning up in your life, lately?


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