List of Free Online Tarot Generators and Databases

Over the years I have found use for automated tarot readings, when I didn’t have easy access to a deck but could get to a PC. In my first steps on the Tarot journey, I wanted access to as many interpretations as I could find (I still find a fresh perspective can jog my intuitive abilities). Needless to say, your results may vary, but here’s a list of sources for free readings and my previous experiences with them. 

Online generators can be a helpful tool in learning divination, but I do not recommend relying on one or many online sources exclusively, since nothing really compares to working physically with the divination method. 

I would love to hear about your experiences with these sites and any other online resources you have found helpful. Good luck!

Facade ( was the first site I ever found back in 2000 when I began reading Tarot, to give me discreet online readings from my parents house. This Site offers possibly a fairly comprehensive collection of divination tools available for free readings: Tarot, runes, I Ching, numerology, bibliomancy (divination through randomly selected passages of the Bible), stichiomancy (divination through randomly selected passages of books), and biorhythms. Their algorithms generate seemingly random readings, i.e., no normative repetition. This is the first source I found, early on in my experimentation with the Tarot, and I have been using their service with general success for almost as long as I’ve been working with the Tarot. The Seeker can choose from a dozen spreads and over a dozen decks. Be advised, the interpretations of the cards are not specific to each deck (with a few exceptions for the more non-traditional decks, such as the Haindl, H.P. Lovecraft, and William Blake Tarot decks). If you are a beginner, you might also want to look at the interpretations at Crystal-Clear Reflections (keep reading for further info/review on that site). The site lists interesting elemental correspondences for the Court Cards (for example, Queen of Wands is described as “The essence of fire behaving as water, such as a rainbow.” ( has a variety of newly developed decks as well as the traditional Marseille and Rider Waite decks. It seems to me to be comparable to Facade, as it’s connected to a network of web sites with generated readings. They also offer a number of spreads, at least one of which I’ll be adding to my repertoire!

E-Tarocchi ( provides a slew of free oracle, horoscope and tarot readings, including “fortune teller” readings with regular playing cards.

ifate ( has an excellent tag line: “The Future is Free.”

Crystal Clear Reflections ( is somewhat difficult to navigate as a Web page, but if you run a Google search such as “Ace of Wands (R) crystal reflections” you will find philosophical depth and some questions to, erm, reflect on. is a great source for comparing art work from many decks.  It is all in German, but if you’re familiar with the Tarot format at all it’s still relatively easy to navigate (and a good tool for learning how to count in German).

Do you use online generators to provide you with readings? Do you have web sites to share? 


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