Healing through the Emotional Freedom Technique

>I have been struggling with how much information I can share with my readers while ethically protecting others’ privacy, but the truth has to come out somewhere, somehow.  This particular website is indicative of a particular relationship, so I will say this web site could apply to any relationship, but was particularly relevant to my own healing.  My discovery of this web site coincides with revelations about my own behavior that I wish to enact changes with.  Add to this the fact that the woman who runs this site shares her name with a patron goddess of mine (Danu, a mother goddess, at that, though it’s not clear what faith she holds), I’d say I’m working with some serious synchronicity.

You might ask, how does this tie in with my tarot practice? Well, in further understanding our relationships and the reasons behind our behavior in encounters with certain behaviors from another, we empower ourselves to make choices towards our highest and best, and open up opportunities to reveal better choices for the person whose behavior is triggering our own previously unconscious patterns.

My job is to recognize this synchronicity not only in my life, but help others examine the patterns in their own lives.  I help people interpret signs in their own lives, as I study my own.  In a way, we are all deciphering our inner cryptographic language.

Tapping is a method of gaining freedom of distressing, persistent and potentially harmful emotions.  It is not denial of the emotions or their power, rather, it is an acceptance of the power and the emotions’ lessons for us.  I believe that tapping enables our bodies to physiologically process the emotions we seek to free ourselves of.  In any case, I’m trying it, and I feel more at peace and am engaging more productively in my life already.


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