Card of the Day: Judgement Reversed, the Card of Epic Fail


image credit: failblog

Yesterday, Judgement Reversed showed up when I read the energy of a person around my client. Later that day, the same card appeared in a reading I gave myself, and the next day, it appeared for another person.

The first time it appeared in that set of three appearances, I described Judgement Reversed as ‘the epic fail,’ meaning the person whose energy I was looking at would probably not be able to fulfill an important promise he had made to my client.  Judgment normally indicates the swift conclusion of a matter: sudden, sweeping success, if our karma is aligned properly (if not, we are called to reconsider our own judgments, opening a way for a total shift in perspective). The past suddenly confronts us so we can come to terms with all of it.  In the context of my own reading, it pointed to facing my own fears of failure, and reminded me that a sense of failure is not the same thing as actual failure, and failing at something doesn’t have to bum you out.  Real failure is not learning the lesson the Universe is teaching you.

You can see by the photo I included, that failure, though sometimes devastating, can contain elements of humor.  You can laugh with failure and still take it seriously.  It is a great power, to look at failure and see a learning opportunity, a blessing in disguise.  You can still feel sorrow over the loss; any emotions that come through in response to failure are legitimate and should be honored as the Voice of Truth speaking to us as a barometer of stress level.

If you have any questions about this, or any other article, please comment or email me.  As always, brightest blessings to you.     


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