Ten Tips for Tarot Readers (Including myself)

>This started as a list of things I would tell my ten years ago. Then I realized I had information that I was lucky to find out early on, or that I instinctively knew, but that I still want to share with other readers. This doesn’t mean I follow these 100% of the time; they are ideals I strive for, but I am human, too. In a way this list has become 10 things I remind myself. Blessings to you for reading (and possibly commenting?).

1. Don’t take it personally. People have a strong reaction to divination in general, and tarot specifically. Whether this strong reaction is positive or negative, keep a cool head, keep your emotions lovingly detached; remember you are just the messenger. Not everyone will appreciate your gifts appropriately. When your gifts are over-appreciated, don’t start to think this makes you better than others: it doesn’t. We all have different talents. Detach from the feelings of emotional pain, and remember everyone is on a learning path.

2. Avoid a sense of competition with other readers. Readers have varying styles and varying levels of experience. Don’t be afraid to refer people to other readers in the area if you feel the seeker would be more compatible with them. If they decide not to read with you, refer to (1.)

3. Inform the seeker as much as possible about your reading style. Not every seeker will know to ask you, or even that it’s okay to do so. Describe your style clearly and openly, (e.g., by saying “I am an intuitive tarot reader with both practical insight and claircognizance, a psychic gift.”) explaining any terms the seeker may be unfamiliar with. There is nothing wrong with setting a fee, even if the fee starts small, or you trade with friends, or you insist on trading exclusively.

4. Always ask before you read for someone. If you can read people without your cards, work on shielding. Do not volunteer information you get in flashes of intuition. This can potentially scare or alienate people (see tip 8). If the person you would read for is not present, attempt to contact their spirit for permission. If you do not feel confident you have gotten an answer, try asking a question that has more to do with your relationship (or the seeker’s relationship) to that person.

5. Embrace your gifts with loving gratitude. No one else is obligated to hold space for you where you appreciate all that you are. If you have someone who does, count yourself lucky. Show yourself loving gratitude by using your gifts, spending time with your cards, and taking care of yourself. Ground and center, open your crown chakra, and explore the world as you see it.

6. You are a Divine Being, and so is everyone else. No one life form is any more or less important than any other. Each one’s experience and perspective are unique.

7. Read with compassion in your heart. Compassion will shine through you in your readings if it has a home in your heart. Cultivate compassion by practicing radical acceptance. This in turn will reinforce your intuition.

8. Try your best not to scare people. Fear may be a strong motivator for people to change, but feeding fear only adds to the negativity in the world. Your readings will be more productive if they positively encourage the seeker into action. Study counseling techniques and methods to gather knowledge on breaking ‘bad news’ and giving people gentle reality checks when the need arises.

9. Recharge with meditation. Meditate any time you are able. Create time to meditate. Find new ways to meditate. Meditation is broadly the practice of being at one with yourself. The more you practice this awareness, the closer you will get to being there all the time. The more self aware you are, the more easily you will be aware of others, and the more easily you can give your seekers accurate readings.

10. Give every reading as a Divine gift. This is not necessarily changed when a fee is associated with your readings; if you focus too much on the money, however, the reading is corrupted. If you are unable to enter a non-judging, clear-viewed mental and spiritual space for the reading, do not hesitate to reschedule the reading for another time.


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