The Occasional Card: The Hanged Man (Reversed)

Again, a reversal! This feels intentional. I’m working on an article on tarot principles where I’ll explore the idea of awareness and intentionality in tarot cards further, but really, it’s like my Higher Self wants to explore reversals before looking at the ‘normal’ meanings.

Astrobarry: Astrology for People Who Think explains the effects of momentous interplanetary drama climaxing in summer of 2010, from which we’re still feeling reverberations. We also recently experienced a full lunar eclipse that lined up with our winter solstice, shortly followed by a solar eclipse ( partly visible in the Northern Hemisphere in early January. The frequent occurrence of reversals in divining for this blog may be connected to all that action. Remember, nothing exists in a vacuum; (to me at least) astrology is really all about how other planets’ movements affect the earth, which affects us individually. Tarot is a tool that helps reflect our relationship with our surroundings, planets included, so I have found some astrological reading to be helpful (and seriously, Barry’s horoscopes are written in such a way, you will think he has a time machine that he can use to travel one week into the future and come back and tell you what your life will be like).

That said, I am a tarot reader, and only an amateur astrologist at best. I simply want to point out the larger context that these readings occur in, and not just astrologically. I aim for these articles to be a holistic explanation of the cards themselves, but I also feel compelled to refer to examples in current events.

Tuesday night, President Barrack Obama delivered his first State of the Union address. Nomi Prins calls it a “CEO like speech (you department heads sitting out there – you work together so America, Inc. can be the best it can be.)” in her dressing-down of Obama’s lauding our government’s so-called progress. I feel an undercurrent of impatience in our society, where polarization is overwhelming: people are either burying their heads deeper in the sand or mobilizing to create the real change. Which category do you find yourself in?

The Hanged Man reversed is forgetting or neglecting the reason for his sacrifice. He turns from a martyr into a puppet, strung up by social pressures and conventional expectations. His mystical search is distracted by considerations for what’s practical and rational. The Hanged Man Reversed falls in love with his Ego, relying on it for shelter from the unknown.
Have you forgotten your original goal? Have you been distracted by ongoing consumer-culture messages of what’s important, from seeking your Highest and Best? Remember, if you find yourself believing something you discover to be false, immediately find the truth that exists, and re-establish that in your mind by cultivating love.

(picture credit: XII, from the Minchiate Tarot)


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