>Why I Read Tarot

>I read so that seekers can find and create more Love in their lives. Love is the ultimate power. It opens doors, it breaks down walls, and it moves mountains. It is the key to a right relationship with your Higher Self, the World, and the Universe.

I read to heal. This healing does not come instantly, and my services are only a part of it, but I am grateful for the experience and joy I receive in being an active part of another person’s healing.

I read to offer a deeper perspective on what lies ahead on the seeker’s path.

I read so that seekers may be empowered by nonjudgmental and compassionate council.

I read to see people smile. Giving joy is a part of living in Love.

I read to encourage others on the road to peace.

I read to learn more about myself, people, life, the Universe, and the Love that holds it all together.

I read to shine a light on the seeker’s inner darkness, so they may banish their fears.

I read to channel Divine energy to this earthly plane.

I read to challenge seekers to push themselves further toward their Highest and Best.

Blessed be.


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