>Why I Barter (in Addition to Accepting Cash Payments)

>Our current monetary system is inherently tied to debt. I believe that supporting this debt based economy, by using our current money system (standardized by nothing but its own existence), passively contributes to the negative karma circulating through our society.

I still accept cash as I wait for the rest of society to catch on, either by establishing a barter system economy, or returning the standard of paper money to something tangible. For now, cash is still the most convenient method for some people and situations (e.g., we use cash to pay our rent), so I will continue accepting it until that changes.

I will always offer my seekers the option to barter if they are not comfortable with paying or are unable to deal in cash.

I want to outline my bartering terms here so you can be aware of them when you ask to barter.

I reserve the right to decline a barter for any reason, as does anyone I request a barter from.

I will trade an equally valued good or service based on current economic values unless otherwise agreed upon at the time of barter.

Terms will be agreed upon mutually between myself and the seeker before my services are given.

If a person has requested trade from me, I will receive the services or goods before providing them with a reading. If I request a trade from someone else, I will perform my services before receiving the bartered services or goods.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to email me at faye (dot) frances (at) gmail (dot) com.

Blessed be!


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