Finding Your Goddess

I wrote this meditation to help a friend obtain guidance on an important life issue. Feel free to use this if you are new to goddess spirituality or if you simply feel the desire to acquaint yourself with the Goddess in a new way. It is written to introduce you to a new Goddess archetype as well as address any important questions on your mind.

Goddess Consciousness is possible no matter what your subscribed religion. I invite you to consider feminine archetypes in your own religion and how they are a part of God.

What you receive in this meditation works toward your Highest and Best.
No harm shall come to you in following this meditation with proper safety awareness (as in, don’t perform while operating heavy machinery,etc). Please read this article if you are completely new to guided meditation. Needless to say, results will vary from time to time given your circumstances. The author advises that you eat something after this meditation, ideally a fruit associated with Goddess, like an apple.

Take some time to relax. As you exhale, expel your tension in a cloud of smoke, and see it fade into nothing. Feel your body relax as you release this tension. As you inhale, draw in golden light that fills you with peace and love. Feel your body accept healing from the Divine Love that is all around you. In your mind’s eye, see a triangle, point down, for your feminine aspect. Dancing around the triangle is a color: your color.* The triangle is infused with light in your color.

You feel invited, drawn, to the triangle. Peace embraces you: here is a chance to fully accept yourself how you are, to step into acceptance of Divine Love. This is your true state of being. In accepting Divine Love, you step into the presence of the Divine.

After fully accepting Divine Love, focus your intent. Hold your current purpose for seeking out the Goddess in your mind.

Now pass through the threshold of your triangle.

Find yourself in an open cave, empty but illuminated by soft light. It’s a little cool, and damp, but not too wet. You feel comfortable here. You see glyphs from other people, even your ancestors, over millennia, depicting life in all phases. They all compose a giant love letter to the Earth, giver of life.

When you are done taking in these messages from your ancestors, you see the mouth of the cave waiting with a promise of light and birdsong. You feel compelled to explore.

As you approach the mouth of the cave, you hear a female voice, singing in a language that feels very familiar to you. As you focus your hearing, the meaning of her song comes to you:

I am She Who Is, I am She Who Gives Life…
You feel drawn by her Song to the outside of the cave.

She stands just outside the cave, beautiful and radiant. Pay attention to what she is doing. Pay attention to the colors she wears. She turns to you and introduces herself, saying “Welcome, my Child. You are Spirit of my Spirit, Song of my Song, and I have loved you from the beginning.”
She invites you to share Her comfort and warmth. You feel boundless Love emanating from her. Her animal totem(s) may appear to you.* She asks you what you seek, and you tell her.

She says, “I will help you with what you seek,” and she explains how she will help you.

Thank her for her love, for her time, and for her help. Say anything else you feel you need to say. She blesses you as you leave.

Step back into the cave. As your eyes, adjust, see the triangle waiting for you there, and return to your body through the triangle.

Be Here Now.

*subject to change between meditations.

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