>The Occasional Card: the World (Reversed)


We seem to be on a run of reversals here. Good thing I gave you some information a couple of days ago about what reversals can mean.

The World reversed points to our own lower nature. Her actions can be suspended and delayed while she is unsure of her connection with her surroundings. Her nakedness has become vulnerable instead of confident. She can be hampered by her illusory loneliness, hesitant, watchful, possibly paranoid. Don’t forget, possibilities are still endless. You are still connected to everything. Something has come full circle for you, in a big way, and you’re just not seeing the results. How are you accepting your current circumstances? Have you built up recent events in your mind to the point that any other outcome becomes anti-climatic? Are you underestimating your own power? How you face the world is up to you; just because you withdraw from social interactions doesn’t mean you’re forgotten, or that you disappear. There are no wrong choices when you choose consciously.

Your social scene may also feel stood on their head at this time, with people around you acting contrary to their perceived habits. Relationships are currently redefining themselves.

The World reminds us that Now is all we ever have. Are you feeling truly centered?
If you’re out of touch with your root chakra, now is the time to call ground control. Are you feeling dissatisfied with your life? Re-examine your current choices. How could you choose better?

These cards are an experiment in the Universal nature of the tarot, and to give you my personal perspective of each card over time. Your comments are welcome. Brightest blessings.

“The Word has been made flesh and dwells amongst us.” – Eden Gray

sources: http://www.crystal-reflections.com/tarot2/rider/world_r.htm
Eden Gray’s Complete Guide to the Tarot


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