>The Occasional Card: 3 of Wands (Reversed)

>The number three carries a heavy significance in our culture. The number 3 appears frequently in mythology: triune deities, three fates, three furies, three magi, three trials or tasks a warrior or heroine must complete to fulfill a quest, three days or nights in which to solve a riddle. The number three implies a triangle. We perceive things in three dimensions, length, width, and depth. We count to three before starting out on a race. We recognize three primary colors in our vision that combine to form white light: red, yellow, and blue. Our genetic information is stored in a triplet codon system. Atoms consist of three types of particles.

Three forms a sturdy foundation, something to work with. Numerology calls it a number of creativity and communication. It is commonly a lucky number.

Incidentally, I write this article on the 9th day of the month (incidental since 9 is 3 of 3).

Wands correspond to the element fire in most modern decks. Wands are the suit of enterprise, action, and passion. They represent the impulse of imagination manifesting through creation on the physical plain. Restlessness, ambition, inspiration, and impulsiveness are watchwords.

The 3 of Wands in a reading, then, heralds a time of initial completion of creative and business-related projects. Plans have been laid out, the necessary resources have been accounted for, and action is afoot. The foundation has been laid for a new stage of development. Grand achievements are in process, channels for communication are open, and success is on its way.

Throw a reversal into the mix, and, well, this positive energy for fundamental plans and actions becomes subverted. Are you feeling the burden of making too many new year resolutions? Were your goals a bit too large to realize all at once? Do you find yourself losing the steam you built up toward the end of the year to change your life for the better? This may be the time to take a step back and reconsider your ambitions and your priorities.

Keep your eye on the prize. What was it you set out to achieve in the beginning? Will your other aspirations help you attain that all important goal, or are they distracting you from being truly effective? Break up your grandiose visions into smaller parts that are easier to carry. Luckily, the tools you need to redirect your momentum and recover your focus are close at hand when this card appears.



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