>The Occasional Card: Ten of Cups


This article is first in a series of a card of the day, where I pick a card at random and explain what it means and how it directly applies to daily life. Happy reading!

Hooray! Today I get to write about the Ten of Cups.

This card is one of the happiest in the deck. No one card is “good” or “bad” but they do depict emotions, and happiness certainly counts. Often associated with “Reward,” the Ten of Cups heralds full spiritual attainment and emotional satisfaction, as everything else falls into place simply and joyfully. This blessing does not occur out of the blue, though it can be sudden; the querent has sought a path of higher awareness through spirit. The rainbow tells us that a great storm has just passed. A sense of relief fills the reader at the passage of this storm; the celebration of life can continue.

The weather may have changed rapidly, bringing turmoil and sunny skies in turns, but the ten completes the emotional cycle and the querent can move on to new endeavors. Circumstances are changeable and transformation is afoot when the Cups appear in a reading.

This is an apt card for the weather lately because we just got a big snow this past week to kick off the winter season, but it’s not quite the solstice. The Cups represent the season of autumn, and so the ten would mean the end of the season.

Remember, a reward is not the same as windfall. A reward is earned, whether it is big or small. The work that earns the reward may be easy or difficult, but the work is done well. The reward particular to the Ten of Cups is earned by opening up to joy, peace, and healing.

Image credit: Mountain Dream Tarot by Bea Nettles (http://www.tarotpassages.com/mountain.htm)


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