>Who I am

>Hi, my name is Faye. Welcome to my blog.

I am self taught in reading the Tarot with ten years of experience. I have been reading professionally for nearly two years. I am blessed with clairsentience, or “clear knowing,” a type of psychic ability that lets me tap into wisdom beyond my normal resources. In other words, I just know things. This ability chooses its own time to activate. Most of the time, I stick to the meanings of the cards.

I now live in Logan, Utah, but I grew up in southern Illinois and western Tennessee. I went to school at Utah State University and lived in Berkeley, California, for a year after finishing school.

You can find me most weekdays at the Citrus and Sage, sipping tea/coffee, and hanging out with my daughter, who is almost eight months old.

I follow an eclectic spiritual path, and my own diverse background helps me to accept anyone at my table no matter what their spiritual beliefs, so long as their mind and heart are open to new experiences. I address questions about money, love, career, travel, and can perform karmic and life path readings with you as well.

I have helped people by predicting events in legal cases, foreseeing upcoming obstacles, opening up communications with spirit guides, verifying a person’s romantic interest, and clarifying opportunities for new business. My biggest achievements come from helping people discern their life path.

I worked with an 800 psychic line until September of this year.

I will have testimonials from previous clients up soon!

Brightest blessings,

Faye F.M. Casperson
(435) 512-0033


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