>Empowerment: key to the future you desire.


Today’s world can be overwhelming. Between balancing budgets, keeping up with today’s highly competitive work environment, and maintaining relationships in the spectrum from casual to intimate, we are constantly lured into the belief that things happen to us. The truth always remains, people are active beings. We happen to the world. Believe it or not, as much as we like to think that our partners, our friends, our pets, make us happy (or miserable), it’s not true: we make ourselves happy (or miserable).

One of my primary goals as a Tarot reader is to empower my clients to choose their future. You are ultimately responsible for your own choices, actions, and happiness. Other peoples’ actions affect your life, but your reaction to those effects will always be your choice to make. Your luck is already changing. You will find your true love when you make room in your life for that love. No one is destined for failure. My part is to help you discover what lies down the road from certain choices, to reveal possible consequences and results of your present actions.

Our choices affect other people in a continuous ripple on the giant web of existence. When you or someone else makes a disastrous mistake, or catastrophe strikes, you can either take the back seat and feel sorry for yourself or you can begin to steer the situation toward healing and positive change.

I worked for a psychic hotline until a couple of months ago. I had a client who called me almost every day to talk about a man she was in love with. The man was an alcoholic and had ceased contact with her, but she maintained contact with his brother. Not long afterward, the brother told her to leave them both alone. She told me that she had released her emotional ties to the man, but she insisted on asking about his activities and his feelings. When I encouraged her to move on, she would insist she had. Finally all psychic energy from him that I had picked up on closed like a door. I realized that I could not make this woman see her own refusal to move on. I finally advised her to seek out a psychologist to help her find herself. It was hard for me not to feel that I had failed her, but I had been honest about what I was picking up on her situation. Honesty is a cornerstone of any good tarot practice.

We are powerful beings who have the ability to manifest our desires, but none of us get exactly what we want all the time. When events spiral out of our control, we must ask ourselves, “How much of this did I create?”, “What can I do to change this situation?” and “What can I learn from my choices?” Sometimes we feel like we’re making all the right choices, and things go wrong anyway. Sometimes we feel like walking examples of Murphy’s Law because everything that could have gone wrong, has gone wrong, despite our best efforts and preparations. But even when the circumstances seem arbitrary, we can answer the questions of how much we created, what we can change, and what we can learn. Then we can move beyond the circumstances to releasing our sadness/ regret/ pain/ anger/ guilt, and go on to create something positive, fulfilling, and joyful. When we achieve this creation of fulfillment, it is next to impossible to take away the happiness it brings because that happiness is truly our own.

We all create our own destinies, one choice at a time.


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