2014: Looking Back

Unusual and intense climatic, environmental and geological events have hallmarked the year 2014. We’ve seen two of the tetrad blood moons and two solar eclipses. Earth’s magnetic field is weakening at an abnormally rapid speed, perhaps preparing us for a magnetic field flip.

I believe this is a continuation of the earth’s vibrational ascension process as initiated in 2012… but let’s talk Tarot.


I recently watched this helpful video by Kelly-Ann at Four Queens.

She explains how to create a Tarot mandala for meditation. I encourage you to create yours and share in the comments. My personal version looks like a wheel with eight spokes. I decided to perform a reading for the past year, using the mandala more as a spread. I feel the meditation purpose is appropriate for looking back as opposed to forward. If I’m not careful to record my past, I tend to forget what I was doing at certain times of year. Even analyzing this spread, I had to think hard about what I was doing at the summer solstice specifically (most of my summer was eclipsed by visiting the National Rainbow Gathering in the Uinta National Forest in July). I hope this spread helps you to look back on your past year and discover achievements or opportunities for improvement for yourself.

tarot mandala spread 11.18.14
feat. The Witches’ Tarot by Ellen Dugan, artwork by Mark Evans

The vertical axis represents the solstices, and the horizontal axis represents the equinoxes. The diagonal axes are the points in the middle, or “cross-quarter” days, altogether representing the Neopagan Wheel of the Year. The center represents the major focus and major challenge of the year.

The horizontal axis from right (Spring Equinox) to left (Fall Equinox): 5 of Cups, IV The Emperor, King of Swords (crossing), Six of Pentacles, Six of Cups.

The vertical axis, from bottom (Summer Solstice) to top (Winter Solstice): 3 of Pentacles, 9 of Pentacles, 4 of Cups (center), 8 of Pentacles, 10 of Pentacles.

The diagonal axis to the right of center, from top (Imbolg- Feb 2) to bottom (Lughnasadh-Sep 1): 10 of Cups, III The Empress, (4 of Cups,) Ace of Wands, Page of Pentacles.

The diagonal axis to the left of center, from bottom (Beltane-May 1) to top (Samhain-Oct 31): 9 of Wands, IX The Hermit, (King of Swords,) XI Justice, VIII Strength.

Next time, I may add a card in the center for each of the cross quarter axes. I am disregarding reversals in this layout because it is a wheel (there is no up).

Not only does this layout allow me to read chronologically, but elementally, with each of the compass points representing (from top, clockwise) Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, or respectively, body, thoughts, actions, feelings. You may have your own medicine wheel association and can focus on that. You may have different associations for turning points, but I find the Wheel of the Year to be the easiest to use given my own Neopagan background.

Rather than going over meanings of each card, individually, here I will create gesture drawings of the ways in which the cards relate to events that I have experienced this past year, starting with February 1.

I became pregnant around New Year’s Eve and confirmed my pregnancy shortly after Imbolg. This was a joyous occasion for me (10 of Cups) as I love being a mom (III The Empress). Even though I’m a single mom, I feel supported by my community, family, and friends, and comfortable in my relationship with my mate (not the father of my baby) and there was much discussion of a bright future ahead (10 of Cups). I also feel more comfort and confidence than ever in governing my home and life (Empress). I felt surrounded by loving support.

At the spring equinox, I experienced some emotional tension (5 of Cups) with my baby’s father (IV Emperor). Conception was not something we had planned together – I had, in fact, assured him that I was taking the necessary precautions with herbal teas. Once I discovered my pregnancy, I found myself unable to cast the life from my womb with abortifacient herbs. I realized I had been suppressing my desire for a second child, and I felt this was a divinely given opportunity. So, rather than coerce the father into co-parenting, I decided to have my baby and to keep her as my own (also relates to Emperor’s self-authority and decision making). She is blessed for having the gift of life, I and her big sister are both blessed for having her, and if that is the only thing her father ever contributes, I am at peace.

By the beginning of May, I had recovered my strength (9 of Wands) from my first trimester experience of almost consistent nausea and returned to taking yoga classes and volunteering at a local organic market as well as drumming for a college African dance class. I was able to shine even in my solitude (IX Hermit) – people around me could see my progress and success, even though I am experiencing financially difficult times. Through this time, I focused on maintaining my healthy habits and activity, even hiking with my daughter. I remained secure in my solitary existence.

Summer solstice marked the beginning of my third trimester (3 of Pentacles), and people began to ask me if I was sure I had just one baby growing in my womb. I participated in a nutrition study hosted by Utah State University which provided extra money to spend at the Cache Valley Gardeners’ Market (9 of Pentacles). We experienced a bountiful growing season and I enjoyed an abundance of food to nourish both my daughter and the baby growing inside me, which I had come to suspect was another girl. I was also selected to receive a scholarship to the Holistic Psychology School based in New York City, which provides an online curriculum and exactly fits my wish to take my Tarot practice in a Spiritual Counseling direction (3 and 9 of Pentacles).

On September 1st, I manifested some specific furniture that I would need to accommodate a newborn in my tiny apartment, which was the first of more to come (Ace of Wands, Page of Pentacles). Ladies in my neighborhood got together and planned a baby shower for me. My daughter (Page of Pentacles) stuck to a prophecy she had given in early June, telling everyone who asked us “We are having a girl,” and our baby’s name (people were surprised that I let my four year old name our baby – and I would explain, to the more open-minded folks, “H didn’t name her – the baby came to her in a dream and told H her name”). I remained active (Ace of Wands), even riding a bicycle, and seriously focusing on my health (Page of Pentacles), and kept my ankles from swelling with a nutritional tea of calcium-rich herbs.

My second daughter, LBR, was born early on the morning of the Fall Equinox after about 6 hours of labor (the 6 of Pentacles and 6 of Cups in this deck both depict two children). My doula was amazing, providing me with support worthy of a birthing partner. Again I felt totally secure in my choice to have the baby, confident in divine providence (6 of Pentacles) to support my choice to keep this wonderful gift of life, via support from my community and my friends (6 of Cups). My mother visited shortly after, and together we were able to reconcile differences and grow closer than I have felt to her since my childhood (6 of Cups).

Shortly thereafter, the divorce with my elder daughter’s father was finalized, ending two years of stress and furthering the healing process for our daughter and ourselves (XI Justice). By Samhain, LBR had been blessed and welcomed into our spiritual community of Cache Valley Unitarian Universalists (CVUU), and for trick-or-treating, I went as a Goddess-Worshipping, Baby-Wearing Warrior Woman (VIII Strength) because that is the energy with which I felt most strongly in tune (and because it came naturally).

Now, as I enjoy the middle of this final turn of the solar year, heading into the Yuletide season, I have dedicated myself to writing a book about Shadow work (8 of Pentacles) that reflects on certain experiences in my life that have led me to further self awareness and a satisfying amount of self love and self appreciation (10 of Pentacles). I’ve also signed up for life coaching services with a newly certified local lady who’s conducting a gratia project to break into her new career field.

The central theme of the year, the 4 of Cups, touches on my level of uncertainty and dissatisfaction with my financial state and how it affects me emotionally. I want to grow my Tarot practice to a level of success where I have consistent appointments and support myself and my family in comfort and stability, saving up for a tiny house that I would eventually take down to New Mexico for part of the year until I can relocate there full time. I have also been preoccupied with the problem of my long distance relationship with my mate and not knowing when I will see him again. Currently I am relying on support from outside sources rather than income that I generate. I realize I still have far to go on my healing journey. The King of Swords, I feel, challenges me to be at peace in my own mind, to maintain calm thought space as my first priority, and allow action, feelings, and physical form to flow from that calm, peaceful state of mind.

I invite you to share any experiments you conduct with this layout in the comments below! Please show your support for Kelly-Ann at Four Queens by subscribing to her channel, if you like her video, and don’t forget to schedule your next reading.

Tough Questions Tuesday

Possibly the most important thing to remember in this is: you define the terms set forth. Hold them singly and separately in your mind for the clearest answers.

Choose three of your most cherished values. Choose three areas where you feel you struggle in life. Choose three traits you admire in others. Shuffle, cut. Draw eleven cards from your deck. Here is your layout:

1-3, bottom row R to L: most cherished values.

4-6, middle row, R to L: areas of struggle.

7-9, top row, R to L: traits of admiration in other people.

10. Bottom center: karma foundation, cause for the effects, reasons for Being in this lifetime.

11. Top center: Spirit goals.


Each card in the middle row is resolved by the energies of the card above it, but fed by the energies of the card beneath, e.g., card 4 is resolved by card 7 but fed by card 4. This could indicate over- or under-activity on the part of the correlating chakras. The reading is constructed on the principles that the things we hold as most important to us, often limit our ability to expand our awareness and overcome our challenges, and that qualities we admire in others are our own secret strengths. Healthy relationships with our values would result in a helpful line of narrative between the three cards.

Feel free to post questions about the spread here. Hopefully soon I will update with a sample reading. Happy Tuesday, folks!

Shame is the Shadow of Love

Have you ever thought about how the Lovers and the Devil card are connected through Numerology? 15=6 when distilled to its numerological value, so when refined through the trying fire, the Devil card leads to the Divine Union described by the Lovers, by facing us with the suffering we do unto ourselves by clinging to our attachments yet hating ourselves for it.

Then why, in the Royal Road of the Hero’s Journey, does the Fool meet the Lovers first, and not the Devil? The explanation may lie in our own development as children, in our relationship with our parents and all members of their generation, and how we see them engage in their loving relationship with each other. Mark Z. Danielewski wrote in House of Leaves, “The Angels of our childhood become the Demons of our maturity.” We define our world first by our parents, and as children they are our heroes. We create defense mechanisms as children to accommodate whatever life we’ve been born into. Later, any negative patterns passed on to us become our hangups, addictions, obsessions, blocks: our Demons. Only by confronting our personal Demons can we come into fullness of Understanding of the Lovers card: the Balance of Elements in Divine Unity. To confront the negative patterns about ourselves, we must return to the Source of Origins: the emergence into Humanity.

If we want true peace and harmony in our relationships, we must love our shadow, because we can only accept our partner as much as we accept our Self. We must transform the naivety of innocence into wisdom, while protecting that innocence. Love.

Mystic Monday: Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have been inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, legacy since my childhood. Ever since I was taught in school about who he is, what he believed, and what he accomplished in his life, I have felt a calling to pursue his same dream. What this pursuit looks like for me is complicated. It’s hard to cope with the reality racist cultural programming as a white person who strives to act against racism. For a long time, I believed that I was different and stood apart from my cultural programming, but racism is endemic and affects everyone. I confused racism with prejudice and became angry when African American activists accused me of being a part of the racist system. I wanted so badly to prove them wrong.

I began to focus on unity, and the more I focused on unity, the more modern segregation became apparent to me. Popular culture still seeks to segregate us. It seems that any people of color in the media are stereotyped or white-washed, as though to convey that the only way to be accepted by mainstream culture is to become a parody of one’s heritage, or to try to be white. In response to this I seek to recognize the stereotypes and white washing, and actively seek out positive examples of diverse cultures that stand strong in their truth.

Now, I seek to stand in solidarity with others. I strive always to embrace the differences that make us unique and live in radical acceptance of others no matter their religion, ability, creed, color, background, sexual identity or orientation. We are all Divine.

Martin’s Big Words, written by Doreen Rappaport:

“I Have a Dream” by Yarden Children’s Choir

If Martin Luther King, Jr., were a Tarot card, I would place him as the Hierophant because he represents the ideal form of religious authority and how spiritual figures can inspire others to walk in righteousness and speak truth to power.

Call and Response: 4th Edition

Thank you, Vulcan, for submitting this week’s question! Vulcan asks:

Have recently relocated in hopes of easing some of my chronic health problems. Will I be approved for partial disability benefits and will I be successful in finding a doable part time job in the near future? Any advice in that direction would be helpful.

Dear Vulcan,

To address your question I chose a simplified version of the Tree of Life Spread:

3. Crown: 5 of Swords

1. Center: IV The Emperor

2. Root: X The Wheel of Fortune

1. Center, Focus, Present moment. IV The Emperor is an indicator that the decision has already been made to approve you for partial disability, and news is on its way. This position forms a bridge between the Upper and Lower Realms. Your decision to relocate demonstrates your claim of authority over the Holy Domain of your mind, body, and spirit. No one else can rule you. You may want to consider starting your own business or independent part time work where you can be the primary decision maker. This card signifies that you control your life, rather than letting your life control you. It is your strength and self-rulership that serve you best at this time.

2. Root, Foundation, Past. 5 of Swords. One figure stands leering and holding three swords, while two figures bow their heads in defeat, their swords cast to the ground. 5′s represent the chaotic state of creation, and also a facet of your public face (as in, V The Hierophant). You’ve had to fight tooth and nail to reach where you are, and you have been on both sides of this struggle enough to know that there is no winner here. You’ve left behind toxic relationships in your search for a more positive environment for your health. Use your present attunement to the Divine Father energy of the Emperor to fully resolve this energy.

3. Crown, Cosmic Connection, Future Potential. X The Wheel of Fortune contains the mystery of existence and the principle of the mantra, “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo,” which reveals the Divine Nature in all beings through the unfoldment of the Law of Cause and Effect. You are reaching the nature of this mystery and have the opportunity to reach fuller Understanding of the ultimate continuity of the Universe. This card indicates that you have resolved the past struggles of the 5 of Swords and that you are ready to turn over a new leaf. Good things are on their way to you, including that sustainable part time work. 

Check in throughout the week as I feature various days of the week in my posts:
“Selfie Sunday” in which I read for myself.
“Mystic Monday” posts feature important teachers in my life.
“Tarot Tuesday” posts feature a card, review a deck, or create my own.
“Wordless Wednesday” an image depicting my values as they apply to my work.
“Herbal Thursday” posts feature my work with healing plants and magical herbs.
“Call and Response Fridays” just as above!

XIII golden tarot

Tarot Tuesday: XIII Death, Reversed

Affirm your life, today! Defy Death. It comes too soon, it takes everything we love and turns it back into Earth. But not today, for us. Air fills and leaves our lungs in the miracle of every one of our millions of cells receiving oxygen!

We have forever sought power over death. Imagine, an eternity with a perfectly preserved body. Never aging, never weakening, never getting sick, you would be free to live however many lifetimes. Have you read the Vonnegut story where, for someone new to be born, someone else has to volunteer to die? Death, Reversed, like the story, evokes how absurd it would be to wish for our own immortality. Our love of babies would become  counterproductive, just for starts. The Last Age, the last year, have to pass for us to embrace the new! 

Yet, today’s consumer culture is obsessed with youth. On this day, as the card specifies, the globe shall be especially confronted with everything that must pass away about our lives as a matter of course. Aging is becoming a lost art, but that new anti-aging cream wouldn’t sell as many bottles if we could just accept our age as a sign of beauty and maybe do some facial yoga.

This is the new thing. Your life, moment to moment. Someday, the Reaper will come for each of us, for you, for me. Will we run in fear? Or will we reunite with our cosmic family in joy and love and peace? Ironically, as long as there is a search to overcome death, we will be through our focus, denying the reality of the transient moment. Time, you old vagabond on a one-way train.

Today could very well be a day for contemplating what we’ve released. We can transmute any emotional heaviness into transcendence.

Without change, we would never heal. We would carry the wounds we receive with no hope for relief. Without death, we would have no relief from the burden of existence. We really have no reason to fear Death, whether our world view focuses on a kind and benevolent Savior or Deity that ensures our place in an enjoyable afterlife, or our world view focuses on the belief that we simply rejoin with All That Is. We have no reason to fear Death, as it is a natural process, and doesn’t everybody love a good rest?

Death, Reversed, also reminds us, we never know our time.

Dance with the flow. Love this moment as if it were the last.

General Meanings:
Irrevocable ends and transformations. Not often an indicator of physical death. When reversed, indicates fear of change, clinging to outmoded patterns, state of being in resistance to Life. Need to embrace Death as part of Life, need to bow to Ultimate Fate.

Does this card resonate with you, especially at the time of reading this? Check out my offerings, book a reading with me. faye.frances@gmail.com. Namaste.


3rd Edition: Real Life Intuition’s Weekly Advice Column

Artemis asks:

I have been getting American guy in my dreams and then I get told he is nothing much and then I get a Ukrainian guy. (both were meant to be my twin flames)…..What does the card say to this? Who is my real twin and why did I have a connection to the american IF he wasn’t going to be someone I would be with?

I drew 3 cards for your question in a triangle layout.

3. (Top Center)

1.                           2.

1. Unconscious Mind - 9 of Wands, Rx. Exhaustion, issues with resources, imagined enemies – What can I really use to face my struggles? Who is really my ally, and who is my enemy?
2. Conscious Mind – 7 of Wands, Rx. Overwhelmed, losing the high ground, struggle with self – Am I engaged in a worthy struggle?
3. Cosmic, Divine Consciousness - III The Empress. Universal Motherhood. Source, Womb, creativity, Womanhood. I provide for the Earth, I am a Sacred Vessel, I am Worthy of Praise.

The 7 and 9 of Wands, reversed, seem to signify each of the men you are dreaming of. Being told that one of them is “nothing much” in the dream is your experience of what others want for you. Both of the cards reversed says that they are both potentials of the future, but neither of them are clear for you at this time because you need to encounter the Empress, first, and incorporate Her energy into your Being, in order to clear this energy. There’s an aspect of the Truth of your Heart that you are resisting and specifically causes you to feel exhausted (9 of W Rx) and overwhelmed (7 of W Rx). Limiting false beliefs about love are the likely culprit. What messages have you internalized about the sort of person you must be to attract the mate you desire?

The Empress is telling you to follow your vision and get in tune with the cycles. What kind of woman do you want to be within your partnership? Incorporate that vision into who you are now, to draw the relationship you desire closer to you. Now is the time to Love yourself, to Feel your Beauty and appreciate it for the wonders you offer the world. You are unique manifestation of Universal Life Force Consciousness. You are the only you who has ever walked this planet and that ever will. ALSO because this card is in the position of the Outcome, it means that you will become a wife and mother. Your work in letting go, relaxing, and nurturing yourself at this time determines the amount of happiness you will be able to enjoy in that relationship.

Moon Tiger asks:
Is Intuition our 6th Sense or our first Instinct?

My short answer: Yes.

We all begin life with psychic abilities. We connect with our caregivers through our feelings as infants, and if they are in tune, as well, they can anticipate our needs before we vocalize them. As we learn to speak, we lose touch with this 1st instinct. Some of us are lucky to be trained by our families to keep this ability in tact. As we grow into maturity, we can learn to reactivate our Intuition. Thereby it becomes something of a ’6th sense’ because it is outside our other senses. Psychic perceptions can take the form of any of the 5 primary senses, even smell, and are called the 5 Clear Senses.

Gustav Klimt's Idylle

2014: The Year Ahead

Many seers reserve the Twelve Days of Christmas for Auguring the coming year, according to an ancient tradition. The overall trend of 2014 indicates breakdowns in outmoded transportation, political and financial systems, and breakthroughs in homemade technologies and the cottage economy. More people claim independence and personal power, setting global transformations in motion.

We begin the year with Pluto retrograde (soul-level reform) and Venus retrograde (revaluing our attachments to people and things) which explain a lot about the cards that show up in the first half of the year. Almost all the upright cards indicate feminine or transformative energies, spirituality, and creativity and almost all reversed cards indicate masculine growth energies, communication, and travel.

2014 ushers more striving for balance between masculine and feminine energies and the demise of fully patriarchal modes of being. Focus draws more to homemade goods as a means of survival when mass production and transportation fails.

6 of Wands, Reversed.
Our actions show up in the spotlight, this month. Crowds target those in power for unethical actions. You may feel like shunning or shaming those who do not live up to your standards. Remember that you get what you give, and transform that energy by engaging in service. For every negative thought you have about someone, try to think three kind thoughts. This is not just for their benefit but for yours, too! Be humble about how others live up to your standards, and be compassionate with yourself in case of not living up to others’ standards for you. This is an opportunity to bring your actions into focus and fully see the affect you have on the world around you.

In the northern hemisphere, bring the energy of summer into the midst of winter by hanging sun disks  or drawing pictures of the sun. Simmer citrus peels on your stove, and celebrate the longer days to drive away the blues. Folks in the southern hemisphere might experience record highs or drought, so examine your water conservation practices.

Globally, the public call for establishment of global equal rights gets louder and stronger. Grassroots movements unite, furthering the great shifts in the status quo.

7 of Wands, Reversed.
February highlights our effortsWhat do you strive for in your life? These are your values. What are you most likely to fight against others to defend? These are your vulnerable points. If we deny our vulnerability, we risk injury. When we admit our weak spots we take a step toward nurturing and healing whatever wounds or scars we carry. February marks a time of assessment in any conflicts we have: with ideologies, groups of people, and other individuals. This month brings opportunity to clear any anger. Hold your anger “like a screaming baby” (Thich Nhat Hanh) and use compassion to calm the anger. Listen to your anger to pinpoint your values. If you greet your life with relative peace, consider teaching those around you. Try not to be dismissive of this anger. You are entitled to your feelings, and anger rises up for a reason. Use it as fuel to direct your actions.

Globally, the conflict between the people and the establishment builds. It is an important time to pray and meditate for peace.

Knight of Pentacles, Reversed.
Mindfulness and meditation is called for in attentiveness to our ways of being. March is a good time to change up your career path and try something new, in small steps. This card reflects the shift of our economy toward earning income through practical activities that people love to do for the benefit of all. Perhaps experiment with sprouting seeds or take a gardening class, if you like plants. Consider building your own chicken coop if animals bring you joy and you like to eat eggs. Do you build or make things? Find something your neighbors or friends could use, and start making that. Give gifts of your skills at first and people will begin to offer you money for them.

Globally, we will experience change in how goods are made, especially houses and clothing, specifically when there is a decline in quality. Inadequacies and shortages of material goods are exposed. People with groundbreaking ideas bring forward solutions to our distribution problems.

5 of Swords.
This is another card about vulnerabilities. Our words and thoughts get sharp when we feel threatened or wounded and suspicious of others’ intent. Mars retrograde in Libra (March 1) clashes with Mercury in Aries (April 7), stirring turmoil in our partnerships and blurring the line between friend and enemy. The swords is a suit of change in mentality. 5 brings chaos, working at cross purposes with others, and last minute efforts to complete a project. Things that didn’t seem urgent in March will suddenly take on epic importance. Incidentally this card coincides with the tax file deadline.

Globally, we could see escalation of the world’s elite powers suppressing smaller powers in March. Even though the power elite are outnumbered, we will see them flex their muscle and try to look bigger. A financial crisis is possible, in regards to the paper money currency. Build security in March with skills and trade to insulate yourself from the upheaval.

King of Swords, Reversed.
In May, leadership roles shuffle about and no one really knows who is in charge. The truth is, we are all in charge. May is an important time to take personal responsibility for the state of our lives. Venus enters Aries May 2 and Mars goes direct in Libra May 19, so star-crossed love affairs are likely this month due to King of Swords reversed interrupting our usual inhibitions. Weak relationships are likely to end, and people in strong relationships may map out new power dynamics to keep things balanced. In May we see extremes in competition with people at the very top or very bottom and few in the middle. This card heralds a decentralization of power as the global elite continues to lose respect and people lose faith in the banking system. We will see community-based currencies more in May. City leadership will resist the Trans Pacific Pact in many countries but especially the eastern hemisphere. Tension builds between east and west and communications are unclear in part because Mercury enters Gemini on May 7, highlighting double meanings and dual intentions.

Globally, grass roots groups and circular governance will thrive while people governing large power structures will become confused. We could see outrageous laws proposed in attempts to protect those in power, or some kind of government shut down of a major world power.

Page of Cups, Reversed.
The Page of Cups, Reversed, highlights Neptune Retrograde in Pisces starting June 9. Both the card and the astrological event draw attention to the ways in which we try to escape everyday consciousness, and why. Emotional tides run high and we are especially sensitive to anything toxic in our lives. With the tensions and transformations building in the first half of the year, we feel drawn to creativity, dreaming, and altered states of consciousness to express and process everything 2014 has brought so far. Steer clear of addictive substances and toxic chemicals, especially in June. Seek out spiritual wisdom to help you stay connected with your community and grounded to the Earth. Walking barefoot will also help you stay grounded. In the Southern Hemisphere where June means winter, elevated precipitation is likely. For the Northern Hemisphere this could mean flooding.

Global consciousness shifts to cleaning up our waters, in remembrance of Fukushima and the Gulf oil spill disasters. Tsunamis, tidal waves, hurricanes are momentous at this time. The western hemisphere is most affected.

Queen of Cups.
On July 18 Venus joins Sol and Luna in Cancer, further highlighting our feelings and bringing Neptune retrograde energies into our waking consciousness. Women who seem mysterious, withdrawn, and intuitive become more interesting to us at this time, because we are collectively seeking clarity in our own subconscious. Female leadership arises to smooth over the confused communications that boiled up in April and May. Our relationship with our own femininity and sensitivity becomes prominent. Conflicts smooth over and we can find inner peace more readily than in previous months.

Global awareness of female spiritual leaders highlights conflict resolution. People turn to the Divine Mother archetype for comfort and inspiration. We may see a spike in feminist spirituality and hear from united groups of mothers for positive change in the world.

Ace of Cups.
August marks global and individual spiritual awakening. After the turmoil of 2014′s first half, rediscovering the peacefulness conveyed by our mothers’ care leads to a new realization on the soul level. Like a mother forsaking physical pleasures to enjoy spending time with her child, we begin to refocus on what is truly important in our lives. The ideological upheaval of early 2014 has hopefully drawn us into detaching from luxuries and savoring the simple pleasures of life at an easier pace. This is the difference between eating a fast food milk shake (industrial luxury) and wild honey drizzled over homemade yogurt (homemade simplicity). The first might be less work for the consumer, but overall the second means less energy expended for the final project on a global scale. This card indicates a spiritual “level-up,” where we all have the benefit of being more in tune with Divine Order in a very comfortable way. Joy and transcendental love fuel our desire to see goals through to completion. We can rededicate ourselves to our resolutions, now, with renewed hope and pleasure in life.

Globally, joy and good will fuel humanitarian efforts and movement toward spiritual unity accelerates.

XIII, Death.
The spontaneous Joy and Love that infused our lives in August makes way for a sweeping transformation of our outer world. Incidentally, Pluto (Death card) goes direct in Capricorn on September 22, bringing outward all the internal transformation goings-on since his retrograde in April 2013. If your resolution was to lose or cease something, the finality of your choice and commitment becomes apparent in September. If these resolutions have failed, you may see a long term shift in your core being and your life because of your inability to live up to your own promises. Revisit your intent for 2014 and see if you can figure out what did not work so that you can begin correct undesirable patterns. Broken contracts from April and May will reach closure in September. Career changes begun in March will finalize at this time. Look for bankruptcy or mass layoffs.

Globally, we experience collective awareness of our need to release the old ways of life and a collective release of this energy for once and all time.

10 of Pentacles.
All 10′s show completion, and the 10 of Pentacles means fulfillment of wealth, traditions, and legacies. Inheritances are prominent at this time, whether through last bequests or our matured awareness of what we carry of our family’s line. Again home-produced goods show up, here, contributing to your level of happiness with your surroundings. How much you personally invest in the goods that your household consumes will directly impact your happiness this year. Home and family life reach levels of insurmountable pleasure. Troubles and woes can be conquered by connecting to your individual sense of family, whether by birth or community.

This card conveys the sense that all of humanity becomes especially aware of our global family and the interconnected nature of our physical reality.

XX, Judgement, Reversed.
The energies we felt in January with the 6 of Wands, Reversed, resurface in a significantly more intense form. We get to collectively view how our judgments shape our experience of the world. This is the card of instant karma and instantaneous manifestation, so thinking or talking about something will nearly instantly draw a physical or external form of that thing into your awareness. You cannot forgive on behalf of another person, but you have ultimate power to invoke forgiveness on your own part. We learn to rule our lives and not be ruled by our circumstances. There is likely to be some kind of hi-jinx in the Representative and Senate elections in the United States, or people suddenly and en masse decide that we’ve had enough of voting against our own self interest.

Globally, we realize the full impact of our choices in a culmination of the process begun in January.

VII, The Chariot, Reversed.

It is unlikely that we will end 2014 in the place that we expected to. Plans become interrupted especially in December, stalling travel. So, reading this now, make your plans for the year fluid, flexible, and as low-stress as possible. Spend the year in preparation, because December brings increased risk for faulty will power and totally unexpected accidents. Build your strength of character because by this month any behavior that still requires your willpower will fall along the wayside.  The Chariot card is ruled by the sign Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon. The remedy to the loss of control could lie in the New Moon in Capricorn on the Winter Solstice, December 21. This resets our concept of career, presenting a stark difference in what we thought our success would look like in comparison with what our success truly looks like.

Thanks for reading this 2014 forecast. I’m interested in hearing how your readings interact with this one. Feel free to comment with any questions or thoughts, as always. Namaste.